Graduation will remain June 2, school will end June 4

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By Todd Martin

Shelby County Public Schools has found a way to please just about everybody.

After several people were up in arms about moving graduation and having to attend school on Monday, June 4, the district has found a way to keep that early graduation date.

"Even though the decision was made to have June 4 the last day for students, there is a regulation that allows a commencement ceremony to occur prior to that, without the actual diploma being presented," said Duanne Puckett, public relations coordinator for the district. "We are going with that option, making June 2 the date for the programs at both MLCHS and SCHS."

However, that won't get students off the hook for class on Monday, June 4. That will remain the final day of school for all students, including seniors.

"Seniors can job-shadow that day or attend classes," Puckett said. "Any senior who does not report to school June 4 will be required to make up that day in the summer before receiving their diploma."