Family left homeless in Mount Eden Fire

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Red Cross helping with temporary shelter

By Lisa King

A Mount Eden family has been left homeless after a house fire destroyed their home Saturday.

Bobby and Jessica Loving were at home, at 7609 Hempridge Road, when the fire broke out Saturday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

Lt. John Butler with the Mount Eden Fire Department said the fire started in the kitchen.

Jessica Loving, he noted, had been cooking and went outside to check on her grandchildren. While she was still outside, her husband, who was mowing the grass, saw smoke coming from the house.

The house was a total loss, Butler said.

Bobby Loving and his wife, Jessica are receiving temporary housing assistance from the Red Cross.

“When the Red Cross responds to a single family disaster such as a house fire, what we’re looking at are the basic essentials to stay alive,” said Mike Crenshaw, service manager for the Red Cross in Shelby County. “Food, clothing, medications, shelter. If it’s just one family we may put them up in a hotel to meet the need for shelter. If it’s an apartment complex, we may open a shelter. Food, it may be restaurant meals or groceries, and we try to make sure each individual has at least two changes of clothes. Also, we help with any health-related needs, say if they were on a breathing machine or medications that were lost in the fire, then we would work to try to meet those needs.”

Jessica Loving is employed at Clear Creek Elementary School, and Ryan Allen, public relations coordinator for Shelby County Public Schools, said she did not want to comment publically about the situation.

Butler said crews had the main body of the fire under control, to the point where it would not spread, within 35 minutes. Crews were on the scene for a total of three hours, and in addition to Mount Eden Fire, included crews from Shelbyville, Shelby County, East 60 and Waddy.

Butler said the extra help was needed because of a shortage of hydrants in the area.