On eve of freedom, man escapes Shelby County jail

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Inmate steals truck and runs on day before his parole

By Lisa King

An inmate from the Shelby County Detention Center working at the state highway garage grabbed a truck and took off Wednesday – the day before he was scheduled to be paroled.

Andrew Joseph Wilson, 21, of Richmond escaped while on work release Wednesday by

stealing a vehicle that was found ditched in Anderson County.

Shelby County Jailer Bobby Waits said it was ironic that the parole board granted Wilson parole the day after he escaped.

“He got paroled, and then [the parole board discovered] he had a holder from someplace else, so the parole board said to wait on it, because they were going to review it, so he took off then [yesterday],” Waits said. “But today [Thursday] they said he made parole still, so he did a stupid thing.”

Now Wilson, who was serving time for burglary, theft by unlawful taking and possession of a controlled substance from Woodford and Pulaski counties, will face escape charges – at least – when he is caught, Waits said.

“He is a walk-away from a work program,” he said. “He was working out at the state highway garage and got into one of their vehicles and dropped it off in Lawrenceburg. I’m sure he got someone to come and get him. That’s where I’m headed, to Lawrenceburg right now.”

Detention Center Capt. Tony Aldridge said Wilson had come to Shelby from the Fayette County Detention Center, which had become overpopulated.

“It’s all about keeping the money flowing through Shelby County, and that’s how we do it, via state inmates,” Aldridge said. “Also, we do what we call ‘trades’ from other counties; they’ll get somebody that they can’t handle or won’t house or can’t work, or something like that, Or we’ll trade ours off to them, and we’ll get theirs, and they’ll get ours.

“So it’s not uncommon for state inmates to be moved around a couple of times during their incarceration.”

Wilson had been at the Shelby County Detention Center for 20 days, Aldridge said.

Fayette County Detention Center officials did not respond immediately to phone calls from The Sentinel-News, so it’s not known how long Wilson had been housed there.

Wilson is described as a white male, 5 feet, 9 inches tall, weighing 160 pounds, with light-brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with any knowledge of his whereabouts is asked to contact Shelby County Dispatch at 502-633-2323 or Kentucky State Police at 502-227-2221.