Election: Candidate Forum: Simpsonville City Commission

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Simpsonville City Commission

Candidates present: Michael Hesse.

Candidates absent: Sharon Cummins (i), Scott McDowell (i), Cary Vowels (i), Vicky Wise (i).

i: incumbent.

1 question with response, then 2 minutes for a statement


Scott McDowell could not attend because he was working in Florida, and Vicky Wise had cited a previous commitment. Sharon Cummins and Cary vowels had indicated they would attend.

Hesse was asked: "You were chairman of the Simpsonville City Sewer Board, and last year, the city commission disbanded that board. Why wouldn't the city, whose sewer class was about to grow exponentially, based on the development of two undergoing outlet malls, want to retain its sewer board, and what was your position on making that change?"

Hessee said there were arguments for and against disbanding the sewer board.

There was argument to provide a little bit of political buffer against sewer rate increases, and an argument for doing away with the sewer board was to save expenses, he said, adding that he had worked with the city commission for a number of years and had a positive working relationship with them.

"I think it was a honest effort to save money during tough economic times and I certainly can't fault the city commission for doing that, but it puts more burden, and it's going to require more expertise from the city commission to handle the upcoming sewer goals," he said.

For his two minutes of speaking on the topic of his choice, he talked about how he thought his engineering background could benefit the city of Simpsonville and his stance on pro-development, and he welcomed the outlet malls coming to the community. He also said he wanted to promote more government transparency.