ELECTION 2016: Shelbyville City Council welcomes one newcomer

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Five incumbents retain seats

By Ashley Sutter

In a crowded field of 10 candidates vying for six seats, five incumbents were able to retain their seats on the Shelbyville City Council in Tuesday’s election. Taking 10.07 percent of the votes, Republican Troy Ethington edged out Chris Spaulding (9.88 percent) and incumbent Shane Suttor (9.41 percent).

Ethington is the first newcomer to the council in six years since council member Frank Page edged out George Best in 2010.

Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty said Suttor served the community well.

“Shane Suttor has been an excellent city council member,” he said, noting he expects Ethington will also do a wonderful job.  “I’ve known Troy for many years.  He will also be an excellent council member.”

Page, who captured the third highest vote percentage, said he was pleased to be selected to serve the community for another term.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to serve again. This will be my fourth term,” he said.  “I’m looking forward to that.” Page said he is also looking forward to serving alongside a new face.  “I think there’s a lot of exciting things, opportunity, coming up.”

Page said with the growing economic development and lower unemployment rate, there are a lot of opportunities to promote the city.  “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serve again.”

Hardesty said he wasn’t certain exactly how many years each incumbent has served on the council but the work has been favorable.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the council since been mayor,” he said.  “They have all tried to do what s right for the community.  They don’t vote along party lines.  They weigh each issue.  They have worked very well together.  I don’t see any reason why we wont continue to do well together.”

Ethington said Tuesday evening that he was excited about the results and contributed the victory to his team’s campaigning efforts.

“We worked really hard,” he said, noting he was prepared for a tight race.

“I knew it would be difficult with this many people and only six seats available for this particular race,” he said.  “But we came up with a plan and we were able to get out and get door-to-door.  I’m really grateful to the people that have supported me during the primary.”

Council member Bobby Andriot took the majority of the votes, with 11.49 percent and said he was honored by the support the community showed at the polls.

“I’m just really honored,” he said.  “I’m humbled to do this again.  I just appreciate it.  People put their trust in me to know that I have my heart in Shelbyville.”

Andriot said he is looking forward to his future work on the council and helping advance the community.

“I’m excited about the things that are going to happen.  I praise the Lord for His mercy and allowing me to do this again,” he said, noting serving his community in this capacity is a dream.  “I get to see them [plans] come to pass.”

Andriot said Shelbyville is a great city with great people and he’s pleased to serve them. “This is a benevolent community we have,” he said. “The people that give and serve other people is just phenomenal.  I get to play a little part in that; contribute to that blessing.”

Andriot said he is also rejoicing for the council members who get to serve once again and is excited to see what Ethington will bring to the table.

“He’s a fine young man,” Andriot said. “I know he’s excited and I’m excited for him.  He will get to contribute a lot to this community.”

Ethington said he is ready to get to work on the council.

“Obviously, I’ve got to work on getting caught up on some issues that I’m not fully up to speed on,” he said, noting he’s looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the council. “Hopefully I’ll be able to make good decisions for our public and our citizens.”


Shelbyville City Council results:

Robert J. ANDRIOT (REP)                         2,883 votes            11.49%

Jon SWINDLER (REP)                                     2,811 votes            11.20%

Frank PAGE (REP)                                     2,720 votes            10.84%

Donna EATON (DEM)                                     2,551 votes            10.16%

Mike ZOELLER (DEM)                         2,537 votes            10.11%

Troy ETHINGTON (REP)                         2,527 votes            10.07%

Chris 'Spud' SPAULDING (REP)             2,479 votes            9.88%

Shane SUTTOR (DEM)                         2,363 votes            9.41%

D. Scott HARPER (REP)                         2,194 votes            8.74%

Marcy MUDD (DEM)                                     2,036 votes            8.11%