ELECTION 2014: The races

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2014 Elections

Primary: May 20

General Election:Nov. 4


There are 26 local and statewide elections this year; the races with some incumbents are noted.


U.S. Senator: Mitch McConnell (R)

U.S. House District 4: Thomas Massie (R)

State Senate:Paul Hornback (R)

State House:Brad Montell (R)

State Supreme Court District 6:Michelle Keller

Appellate District 6: Allison Jones

Circuit Judge:Charles Hickman

Family Court Judge:John David Myles

District Judge:Linda Armstrong, Donna Dutton

Shelby County Judge-Executive:Rob Rothenburger (R)

Shelby County Fiscal Court:District 1, Hubert Pollett (D), District 2 Michael Riggs (R), District 3, Allen Ruble (R), District 4, Bill Hedges (R), District 5, Eddie Kingsolver (D), District 6, Tony Carriss (D), District 7, Mike Whitehouse (R)

Shelby County Clerk:Sue Carole Perry (D)

Shelby County Attorney:Hart Megibben (R)

Shelby County Sheriff:Mike Armstrong (D)

Shelby County Jailer:Bobby Waits (D)

Shelby County PVA:Brad McDowell (D)

Shelby County Coroner:Ron Waldridge Jr. (R)

Shelbyville Mayor:Tom Hardesty (D)

Shelbyville City Council:Bob Andriot (R), Donna Eaton (D), Frank Page (R), Shane Suttor (D), Jon Swindler (R), Mike Zoeller (D)

Simpsonville Mayor:Steve Eden

Simpsonville City Commission:Sharon Cummins, Michael Hesse, Cary Vowels, Vicky Wise

School Board:(2 districts): Doug Butler, Eddie Mathis

Soil Conservation Board:(3 seats): Robert Gravett, Fred Rothenburger, Jana Scott

Constables:District 1, James Tingle (D), District 2, Tim Willard (R), District 3, Bobby Ivers (D), District 4, Donnie Bruner (D), District 5, Bobby Masters (D), District 6, Gary Tindle (D), District 7, Harold Sutton (D)

Judicial, commission and school board races are non-partisan