Election 2012: Pleasureville City Commission: R. L. Wilson

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Wilson to seek re-election

By Lisa King

Incumbent Pleasureville City Commissioner R.L. Wilson is seeking re-election in November.

Wilson, 67, is a Henry County resident of 19 years. He is a retired state employee, having worked as a special equipment operator in Shelby County and New Castle.

A commissioner of 15 years, Wilson said what keeps him coming back to serve on the commission is a desire to improve his community.

“I am just doing what I think is right for the people of Pleasureville,” he said.

He cited one of the accomplishments he is proud of during his time on the commission is getting some new improvements for the Pleasureville Fire Department.

“The fire department needed some help and I made a motion to give them some money to repair a fire truck,” he said. “Our fire department is all volunteer and they work hard to keep us safe, and I just wanted to help them continue to do that.”

Wilson said that as far as goals for the future, he didn’t have anything specific in mind, other than projects the commission is currently working on, but he is always looking for ways to improve the community.

“I always like to see everything go well for all the people of Pleasureville, and whatever we as a commission can do for them, that is our goal,” he said.