EARLIER: No drugs found in drowned girl’s system

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Final coroner’s report rules that Jackleen Lane drowned

By Lisa King

The mystery of how Jackleen Lane came to be lying drowned in Clear Creek for three days became more curious Monday, when a coroner’s toxicological report revealed no drugs in her system.

Shelby County Deputy Coroner Jeff Ivers said that tests determined that Lane, 15, who was spotted by a railroad employee June 17 near 1st and Goodman streets in Shelbyville, had not ingested drugs before her death. Tests for alcohol were inconclusive because her body was in the water for approximately three days before she was found.

“It [toxicological report] showed she had no drugs in her system; we could not do anything about alcohol because her body was in decomp mode and would give an inadequate reading,” he said.

Ivers said that although an investigation is still ongoing by Shelbyville Police, the medical portion of the case is closed and the death is being ruled a drowning.

“The [Shelbyville] PD still has some investigating to do, but our investigation is complete. We are just going to sign it out as a drowning.”

Shelbyville Police spokesperson Kelly Cable said there is no new information in his department’s investigation.

“What I stated earlier, that’s where we still are on it,” he said.

Cable had said early on in the investigation that detectives were trying to determine what Lane, a resident of Bagdad, was doing at Clear Creek and how she could have ended up drowning in the creek, especially after there were no wounds or injuries visible on her body that might indicate how she would have been incapacitated. Now that the toxicology report has confirmed there were no drugs in her system, the mystery deepens considerably.

Her body was spotted on a Monday morning by a Norfolk Southern Railroad conductor, who called 911 to say that he had spotted what looked like a woman’s body floating in the creek. Lane was identified the following day.

In a television interview, Lane’s brother and guardian, Josh Lane, said the last time he had talked to her, she told him she was planning to go to the Shelby County Fair on Saturday and that he never heard from her again.

Since then, police have released no further details have not elaborated on any of the “speculations and rumors” to which Shelbyville Police Chief Danny Goodwin alluded in an interview the week after the drowning, leads he said detectives were checking out.

Lane was the daughter of Paul Price and Pauline Likes and was a student at the Education Center at Cropper.