EARLIER: City, county forming garbage committees

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They expect to meet in about a week on curbside pickup, recycling

By Lisa King

City and county officials are in the process of putting together committees to explore what actions to take – and how they might work together – concerning solid waste in Shelby County.

Magistrate Hubie Pollett, who is one of four magistrates that comprise the Shelby County Fiscal Court’s Legislative Committee, said committee members should be in place by next week.

“The mayor has E-mailed [Magistrate] Tony [Carriss] about it, and we are putting our committee together, too,” Pollett said, adding that Shelby County Judge Executive Rusty Newton, who is also chair of the 109 Board, the entity that oversees solid-waste disposal in the county, may head up the county’s committee.

Newton’s involvement is desired to keep the 109 Board involved in workshops and discussions between the two committees, Pollett said. The discussions might focus on getting better rates by joint bidding and common billing procedures.

The decision to establish the committees stemmed from an hour-long joint workshop by city and county officials on March 6, when officials discussed how the two governments might work together on the issue of curbside trash and recycling for all residents in the city and county (Simpsonville already has a garbage-only service).

At that time, Carriss  proposed to council members to form either a single committee, composed of both city and county officials, or a committee from each governmental body to work jointly to explore the issue.

Carriss distributed a handout outlining six possible options for curbside pickup plans, that included different variations of plans with the two governments working together on plans, aided by an interlocal agreement, to each entity providing its own plan separately, but at the same time, doing so in conjunction with what the other was providing.

The issue of curbside pickup emerged during a series of public meetings by the 109 Board about its plans to build a $2.5 million facility on Windhurst Way in Shelbyville.

The board purchased 25 acres there last year for $655,000 and has spent $130,000 developing plans for the new complex, which would replace the Convenience Center in Waddy and the Recycling Center on 7th Street. Use of the facility may require a 3-to-5-cent usage fee for disposal of household trash.

Pollett said the committees expect to begin meeting in a week or so.