Driver escapes second truck-flip accident

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Truck overturns after clipping two buses carrying children from camp

By Steve Doyle

TODDS POINT – A mirror-clipping near miss between a delivery truck and two buses on Monday afternoon left the truck lying on its side across Aiken Road just west of Todds Point and its driver thankful there were no injuries.


Shirl Rogers was driving eastbound to deliver appliances for White Glove Deliveries of Cleveland when his truck clipped the mirror on the first of two school buses taking campers home from Camp Hi-Ho and was sent careening out of control.

No one was injured, and the children from the camp, which is near Shelby Trails Park, never left the buses, although they were delayed while a Kentucky State Police trooper completed his investigation.

Simpsonville Fire Department responded to the call, but firefighters had little to do until crews from Peytona Garage arrived to remove the truck. The road was closed for a couple of hours.

“I clipped the mirror on the first bus, and I thought I was going to clip the mirror on the second bus, so I cut over so I wouldn’t,” said Rogers, who along with a passenger had to crawl out the broken windows of the cab. “The wheels dropped off the pavement, and when I cut it back, the entire truck got off on the other side and flipped.”

The truck did clip the mirrors on the second bus, a Camp Hi-Ho representative said, and it left a muddy slash about 100 feet or so long where it sliced down the steep banks and through the grass of a home at 6999 Aiken. The accident left the grill from the truck lying several feet from the truck.

Onlookers from neighboring homes speculated that speed may have been a factor in crash. Speed limit in that area of the 2-lane state highway is 55.

KSP Spokesperson Ron Turley said Tuesday that the investigation had not been completed and that he could add nothing further.

Rogers said he felt pretty fortunate to have emerged with only a scratch on his arm.

“This is second time this has happened to me,” he said. “I wasn’t driving the other time, but this is the second time I flipped.”