County scoring leaders

Here are the current county scoring leaders updated through tonight's games:


1. Bryan Wallace (Shelby County) - The speedy sophomore has scored 250 points in 13 games for a 19.2 points per game average.

2. Dez Marshall (Collins) - The junior forward scored a season-high 29 points tonight against Spencer County and has 240 points in 14 games for a 17.1 ppg average.

3. Eric Schreiner (Shelby County) - The senior guard, who has scored 24 twice this season, has 205 points through 13 games for a 15.8 ppg average.

4. Brian Stone (Collins) - The senior center recently had 21 and 27 in back-to-back games. He's averaging 12.2 ppg right now.

5. Buddy Johnson (Collins) - The junior sharp-shooter has scored in double figures in 10 of 14 games this season for the Titans. He's averaging 12.1 ppg. 


1. Leeara Cardwell (Collins) - The senior guard has been on a big tear of late, scoring at least 21 points in five straight games.

2. Aaliyah Wells (Collins) - The junior forward has a season-high of 28 points. She's averaging 14.3 ppg.

3. Justus Martin (Shelby County) - The eighth-grade forward, who has a season-high of 20, is avearging 9.2 ppg.

4. Becca Mouser (Collins) - The senior forward, who has a season-high of 24 points, is averaging 7.8 ppg.

5. Mackenzie Raizor (Shelby County) - The freshman forward is averaging 7.3 ppg for the youthful Rockets.