Arrests made in break-ins

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Cars, businesses targeted

By Lisa King

Police say they have arrested two juveniles in connection with a rash of break-ins that occurred Sunday night.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Detective Eric Hettinger said he could not release the names of those arrested because they are under the age of 18.

“We arrested two juveniles in connection with some of the crimes,” he said.

Hettinger said the break-ins ranged from vehicles to businesses.

“We had couple of incidents in Simpsonville, a couple of thefts from autos,” he said.  “We also had a truck stolen in Simpsonville. And then in [Shelbyville], in the Taylorsville Road area, we had a couple more cars that were broken into and Fast Freddy’s was burglarized.”

He said that none of the incidents involved any injuries.

“There were no altercations with any victims – it was all on the same night, in the early morning hours of the seventeenth,” he said.

Hettinger added he thinks the two juveniles arrested may be responsible for all of the break-ins that night.

“We are still investigating to see if there is a relation between the ones we haven’t charged,” he said. “So far, working along with Simpsonville Police, we have been able to charge the two juveniles with stealing a truck and criminal mischief out of Simpsonville, and we were able to charge one of the car break-ins in Shelbyville and burglary first out at Freddy’s car wash.”

He said he doesn’t think that the crimes are connected with the typical break-ins that normally occur around the time of year.

“I don’t think this had anything to do with the holidays, I think it was just a spur of the moment kind of spree,” he said.