400 new jobs could land in Shelby

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Faurecia receives $3 million in incentives for possible plant in Simpsonville

By Ashley Sutter

More than 400 jobs could be opening soon for Shelby County residents as one of the largest international automotive parts manufacturers in the world is contemplating opening a new facility in Simpsonville.

And that Thursday decision was made a little more enticing when Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority gave preliminary approval for $3 million in tax incentives tied to employment and an $18 million investment.

Faurecia, a France-based company with more than 350 sites in 34 countries that employs more than 5,500 people worldwide, is considering leasing a facility in the Kingbrook Commerce Center on U.S. 60 and Buck Creek Road.

Faurecia, which manufactures interior and exterior automotive parts, is number one in the world for interior and emission control technology, manufacturing parts for numerous vehicle corporations such as BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota and Ford, among many others.

Faurecia already has two locations in Louisville one on Stanley Gault Parkway and another on East Indian Trail and a company representative has confirmed their consideration for a third.

“I can confirm that we are considering exploring the Louisville area as a potential site,” said Tony Sapienza a media representative for Faurecia. 

Sapienza said that because nothing has been finalized yet, the company could not offer any additional details on their plans.

Libby Adams, executive director of the Shelby County Industrial and Development Foundation, also confirmed the possibility of a new facility but was unwilling to provide further details.

"I understand they got a preliminary approval, and I have heard that they are looking at building a facility in the Simpsonville area, but other than that, I can't comment on that."

However, Simpsonville city administrator David Eaton was willing to shine a bit more light on the potential facility.

“It’s in Kingbrook. They have to build the facility; it’s an empty lot right now. If it all works out, we are [excited]. It’s not a done deal yet, so if it works out to bring another four-hundred jobs to Simpsonville and Shelby County, it is something that we feel very excited about.”

To receive the KEDFA tax incentives, the company would need to employ 226 individuals in their first year and 410 for the following five years to earn their $600,000 in yearly incentives.  Those jobs would also need to pay an average of $27 per hour, plus benefits.

Sapienza could not give a time frame on when we could expect to hear final details nor was he certain of how long the company has been in the market for a new location but did say, “We are experiencing a lot of positive growth within the company.”

However, Eaton said the project has not been in the works for very long.

“We were approached by them maybe a couple of months ago,” he said. “So it hasn’t been something that’s been going on for a long time.”