3 shots created Williams' 6 wounds

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Coroner’s office clarifies medical examiner’s reports

By Lisa King

Two medical reports on the shooting death of Trey F. Williams included confusing information about the number of times Shelbyville Police Officer Suzanna Marcum fired her weapon.

The reports, written by state medical examiner Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham based on her examination of Williams’ body at the Urban County Government Center on Nov. 20, cites six gunshot wounds.

But Shelby County Chief Deputy Coroner Jeff Ivers, who attended the autopsy, said that Williams was shot only three times, but some of those shots created separate wounds.

“Medical terminology is misunderstanding to a lay person, because of the way you have to lay things out,” he said.

Ivers said that even though the coroner’s report lists the six gunshot wounds in a numbered order, that doesn’t mean they occurred in that order.

For example, the deadly shot to the chest is listed as shot number one, but that doesn’t necessary mean it was fired first, he said.

“We don’t know if it was the first, second or third shot fired,” he said. “The autopsy report is going to show every wound that’s there.”

There is a written report and a diagram of the autopsy – both signed by Burrows-Beckham – that are part of the case file, and Ivers said there is no separate report completed by Coroner Ron Waldridge Jr.’s office.

“When we do an autopsy report, when doing an open-records request, instead of doing one for the coroner and one for the state police, we give the state police all our records and tell them that once they receive an open-records request, they can release our information with theirs,” Ivers said.

The State Medical Examiner's office did not return calls from The Sentinel-News.