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Here are some fun links to check out tonight while surfing the "internets" (in the words of our former President).

A Case of the Mondays

It's time to look back at the weekend that was:

Late-night, early-morning 5

I just got home from a night that started with the Collins-Shelby County girl-boy basketball doubleheader and ended at the KFC Yum! Center with Louisville's overtime victory over Vanderbilt. I'm too amped up to sleep (plus one of my favorite movies from 1990 - House Party - is on TV), so let's blog...

1. I still think UofL misses Preston Knowles, but not as much as I did before the Cards' game against Vandy on Friday night.

Thanksgiving leftovers

We finally got rid of the stinky Thanksgiving leftovers in our refrigerator last night, so here are a few Thanksgiving-weekend leftovers I've been meaning to get rid of:

1. Collins senior Darian Dugle said it best following the Titans' 20-15 loss at Franklin-Simpson last Friday night in the Class 4A football state semifinals:

"It was hard enough playing against [the Wildcats], we had to play against the officials too," he told me.

Collins-Franklin-Simpson football the day after

As I've said before I hate to talk about the officiating in any sporting event I cover, because hopefully the officials are trying to do their best, but some times it's just too hard to ignore.

That was definitely the case with the officiating crew at last night's Class 4A state football semifinal between Collins and host Franklin-Simpson.

And unfortunately the biggest play of the game came on the worst call(s) of the night.

Collins football ticket info

The game time for the Collins football team's game at Franklin-Simpson will be 7 p.m. local time (6 p.m. CST) at the school. Admission will be $7 at the gate with $5 pre-sale tickets available from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday and Tuesday at Collins.

Five thoughts on UK game

Tuesday night was the first time I've been able to watch the UK men's basketball team play, here are a few thoughts:

1. Anthony Davis is an unbelievable talent. He does remind me a former UMass star (and John Calipari-coached) Marcus Camby, but he might be even better (he definitely is at this point in his career). The only thing he needs to do is lose the unibrow.

My NFL Top 10

Time to dust off my NFL Top 10 again:

1. Packers (8-0) - Best team in football, bar none.

2. Giants (6-2) - Coming off a big victory over the Patriots.

3. Ravens (6-2) - Coming off a big victory over the Steelers.

4. Steelers (6-3) - Coming off a last-minute loss to the Ravens.

5. 49ers (7-1) - Your NFC West champions!

6. Lions (6-2) - Let's see how they bounce back off the bye week.

7. Texans (6-3) - Is this the year they finally make the playoffs? I think so.

My college football Top 10

Time for me to catch up on my blogging...in one night:

Here's my college football Top 10 for this week:

1. LSU (9-0) - Can Western Kentucky pull off the biggest upset of the season Saturday in Baton Rouge? Not a chance!

2. Alabama (8-1) - There's no question who the No. 1 team is after last Saturday night. And, there's no question who No. 2 is either.  

Wednesday 3

Here are three thoughts/items for Wednesday:

1. An announcement on Collins' all-purpose sports field is supposed to be coming today. Titans football coach Jerry Lucas would love to see it playable for Friday night's playoff game against Moore. Seriously, though, I just hope for the sake of the Collins kids that it's ready for the 2012 fall sports teams.

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