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  • Rockets rout Spencer


    It was a share and share alike night for the Shelby County High School girls’ basketball team Friday as it rolled over district foe Spencer County 64-28.

    The Rockets’ unselfish play helped them to jump out to a big early lead against the Bears and coast the rest of the way.

    “I think the first twelve baskets we had came off of twelve assists,” Shelby County coach Jason Holland said. “I don’t know if I have ever seen that. I am really proud of our girls, as far as the way they shared the ball.”

  • Borders' last second shot...

    While she’s never one to brag – Mary Borders knew the shot was good when it left her hand.

    Borders, a senior guard for the Collins High School girls’ basketball team, hit a buzzer beating three-pointer from the corner to give the Titans a dramatic 42-41 win over Oldham County Saturday.

    “It did, it felt good when it left my hand,” Borders said. “It was the first shot I hit all game, so I guess I hit it at the right time.”

  • Vermillion Flycatcher, birds...

    The Vermillion Flycatcher is six inches long with a wingspan that is 10 inches wide, and weighs 0.51 ounces and is the most beautiful member of the flycatcher family.

    The male has a brilliant red breast, neck, and top of the head, with the remainder black that includes a black mask and a black tail that has white borders. Despite its brilliant color, the Vermillion Flycatcher is difficult to detect because it hunts for insects in the highest canopy and generally remains very well concealed and will usually hang out near water.

  • Trumpeter swan

    The Trumpeter Swan, which is 60 inches long and has an 80 inch wide wingspan, is considered to be the largest waterfowl and weighs more than any other native bird in the United States. Settlers slaughtered this bird, wherever they existed in the United States. The last one killed in Kentucky was from a flock of three in December of 1876, 12 miles downstream of Cincinnati, on the Ohio River. No species ever disappeared under the watchful eye of the Native Americans, who were able to always blend in with other life on our planet.

  • Kite in flight
  • Collins beats John Hardin

    Forced into a slower pace, the Collins Titans turned to their senior guards and quick ball movement to stage a second half comeback and beat host John Hardin 65-58 Tuesday.

    Trailing 28-27 at the half and struggling somewhat against the slower pace of John Hardin and a sticky zone defense employed by the Bulldogs, the Titans used crisp ball movement and some deadly outside shooting to break the game open in the third quarter.

  • Hudgens' play at point...

    Early in Tuesday’s game against South Oldham Katie Hudgens took the inbounds pass and gave Jason Holland “the look.”

    “The look” conveys one thing and one thing only: what does the Shelby County girls’ basketball coach want his senior point guard to do with what is becoming their team.

    “When she looks over to the bench she wants to know immediately what to do,” Holland said. “She’s getting to the point where she knows the offense and is almost demanding because she wants to get us going.”

  • Ruddy Turnstone
  • The tiny Ruby-Crowned Kinglet is...

    The Ruby-Crowned Kinglet is a tiny 4-and-a-quarter inch long with a 7-and-one-half inch wide wingspan and weighs in at 0.25 ounces. I had one of these tiny birds seek out my presence one day, apparently for its safety to escape from a Loggerhead Shrike.

  • Claypool returns to pool after...

    It would have been easy for Josh Claypool to walk away from his high school swimming career – but quiting just isn’t in his nature.

    Just three months after suffering a traumatic hand and arm injury in a car accident, the Shelby County senior was back in the pool competing for the Rockets.