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  • The large Ferruginous Hawk is...

    There have been two sightings in Kentucky, one on Dec. 28, 1979 and the other one was Dec. 29, 1985 and both of them were in Henderson. Their breeding range is from southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba down through Montana, Wyoming, the western Dakotas, southern Idaho, eastern Oregon on down into Nevada, Utah, Colorado and eastern Nebraska. The Ferruginous Hawk winters south of these areas on down halfway into Mexico.

  • White-Tailed Kite an accidental...

    The White-tailed Kite is a 15-inch bird with a 39-inch wingspan that weighs 12 ounces and has been seen one time in Kentucky on May 5, 1991 and is considered an accidental visitor.

    It is fairly common in California and Texas but seems to be expanding its range. They are the most common from Mexico south on down to South America to Nicaragua and central Chile.

  • Forster’s Tern finds homes near...

    The Forster’s Tern migrates through Kentucky and has been seen as early as March 7 and as late as June 10 in the spring. It has even been seen on June 25 and June 29 in the summer with a late autumn date of Dec. 20.

  • Laughing Gull and its funny call

    Anyone who has spent time on eastern coastal beaches and heard what sounded like a good old belly laugh, which was obviously not being emitted by a human, has heard the call of the Laughing Gull.

  • Golden-crowned Kinglet is...

    Our smallest bird except for the hummingbird is only 4 inches long with a 7-inch wingspan and weighs 0.2 ounces and is a fairly common migrant but somewhat uncommon winter resident to Kentucky.

    The Golden-crowned Kinglet breeds in dense coniferous forests across and throughout the southern provinces of Canada, New England, the Appalachian Mountains, and the western Rocky Mountains on up to southern Alaska.

  • Eared Grebe goes through several...

    The Eared Grebe is a 13-inch long bird with a 16-inch wingspan and weighs 11 ounces and is a rare spring, autumn, and winter migrant in Kentucky.

    The earliest it has been seen in autumn is Aug. 27 and the latest in the spring is June 4.

  • Shelby stars advance in tourney

    The Shelby County 10-and-under Little League All-Stars took a big step toward winning a district title with a 14-7 win over North Oldham Monday in their first year since switching over from Cal Ripken League play.

    The win gave the No. 2 seeded Shelby County a 2-1 record in district tourney play as they have a 10-0 win over South Oldham and a 9-0 loss to Nelson County in their opener.

  • Young grabs lead at Oxmoor...

    Shelby County High School’s Lilly Young is closing her summer tourney play strong as she holds a five-shot lead in the Trusted Choice Big I state qualifying tourney at Oxmoor Country Club.

    Young, who will be a junior at Shelby County this fall, closed the first day with a  two-under 34 on the back nine to fire an even par 72 for 18 holes.

    She leads Kie Purdom, a recent graduate of  Lexington Henry Clay, who came in with a 77.

  • Cochran hoping summer work pays...

    Like a lot athletes around the country Deion Cochran is starting all over.

    Cochran, a recently graduated senior from Collins High School, will go from the top of he heap in his senior season in basketball to another new freshman on the team at Asbury University.

    With that in mind, Cochran has had a busy summer trying to get ready.

    “Besides getting a lot of shots off I go jogging every other day,” Cochran said. “I have been really focusing on weight lifting, I know I need to get bigger.”

  • Local athletes prepping for...

    Lawson Page put in a lot of hard work last year.

    He’s doing the same thing this year and is just a little bit smarter about.

    Perhaps borrowing from the old adage of being a little bit older and a little bit wiser, Page, a 2013 graduate of Collins High School will enter his second fall as a Morehead State University football player with a bit more knowledge of what it’s going to take to be successful.