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  • Letters to the Editor: June 4, 2014

    A new look at politicians


  • MY WORD: A vacuum in leadership

    Nature abhors a vacuumaccording to Aristotle and Sir Isaac Newton. 

    They were talking about physics, saying that no object or no place can be truly empty.  They argued that every place and everything is filled with something.  The same rule applies to geopolitics and global leadership. 

  • MY WORD: Climate change – where is our world going?

    Recently the head of a United Nations panel warned, "If the world doesn't cut pollution of heat-trapping gases, global warming could become out of control." A group of Nobel laureate scientists predicts dangers are going to become worse as time passes.

    Cris Field of the Carnegie Institute for Science in California reports, "We live in an area where impacts from climate change are already widespread and consequential." Other climate scientists say, "Nobody around the world is immune."

  • MY WORD: How Japan used WW II to win the auto battle

    Here’s a brief history of the American auto business since World War II.

    Some of us remember when “made in Japan” was a synonym for “junk.”

    Early in WWII the Japanese captured an intact American fighter plane. Their studies showed the plane – probably a P-40 like General Chenault and his American Volunteer “Flying Tigers” used in China before Pearl Harbor – was so far superior to anything they had.

  • MY WORD: Remembering separate but never equal

    I don’t know how the following is connected to conservation, but bear with me.

    In A chapter in Klanthhammer’s book “Things that Matter,” there is a passage about collective guilt – which is never far from my mind – that triggered memories of “separate but equal” laws.

  • MY WORD: “For the Benefit and Blessings of the Council”- Musings on the Prayer Issue

    During the hot summer of 1787 in Philadelphia Penn., the delegates to the Constitutional Convention came to a rut in the road. The group, whose goal fell nothing short of drawing up the legal framework for a whole new nation, had fractured into exhausting squabbles.

    One delegate, Ben Franklin, decided to try to focus everyone’s attention on that goal and gave a speech proposing that if they could not come to an accord on their own, they might need some divine assistance in the form of a prayer led by outside clergy.

  • Letters to the Editor: May 28, 2014

    Supports Moffatt, Fairness Ordinance


    To the Editor:

    In response to the comments of Reverend Fred Moffatt regarding a Fairness Ordinance, allow me to offer an “amen.” 

  • WHAT WE THINK: It’s time to update our voting sites

    As we cast our votes and watched voters fill voting precincts – well, at least the few that turned out Tuesday – we couldn’t help but notice how many locations were placed in schools.

    According to Kentucky Revised Statute, school cannot be in session if a school is used as polling precinct.

    We understand that schools cannot have voters wandering the halls and common areas while in session. The safety issues for students would be a logistical nightmare.