Today's Opinions

  • We congratulate: Plan to name gym as honor for Casey

    Finally we have movement on a plan to rename the Shelby County High School Gym for iconic basketball star Mike Casey.

    Shelby County Public Schools formed a facilities naming committee that met last week and agreed to send forward to the school board its recommendation to honor Mr. Casey.

  • SOUDER: All roads may lead to Rome, but not to the Rose Bowl...or God

    At the end of April I had the opportunity to go to southern California for a conference. It was a tough break, I know, but someone had to do it.

    If you’ve never been there, it really is beautiful – sandy beaches, palm trees, colorful flowers, a bright blue sky and breathtaking views with mountains and the ocean in the same frame all make for a picture-perfect setting.

  • An apple for the teachers who tried to polish our skills

    I ran into an old English teacher – and my first journalism teacher – at the grocery store recently. She was buying milk, and I was the nosy reporter asking her about prices.

    She answered my question and then said, “You don’t remember me, do you?”

    I admitted she looked familiar, and then Mary Ann Clemmons, English teacher my junior year at Shelby County High School, introduced herself to me.

    “I remember you wouldn’t read much of anything but sports,” she said.

  • EARLIER: What we think: We must move now to honor Mike Casey

    A year ago this week, Shelby County buried one of its finest heroes and favorite sons, former basketball star Mike Casey.

    In the 52 weeks since, our leaders have done little to honor a man who established not only a legacy of great athleticism but also one of inspiration to many and friendship to all.

  • EARLIER: We congratulate: The county's plans for 7th Street sidewalks

    We like what we hear about the county’s plans – joining the city’s earlier discussions – to improve the sidewalk corridor along 7th Street and Burks Branch Road toward Clear Creek Park.

    We have advocated the concept that this pathway should become much smoother for walkers, runners and stroller-pushers.

  • An old, familiar voice can awaken some marvelous memories

     Like many of my ilk, I am a manic radio listener when I’m in my car.

  • The educational institution of the front-porch swing

    There is something woven deep into the texture of my soul that cooks up calmness from the simple recipe of sitting outside at night, listening to the croaks and screeches, feeling the cooling air and watching the lightning bugs dance in front of me. I can stand on the deck behind my house, peering out into the hickory and maple trees that descend beyond our wooden fence into a gully – we called it a “holler” before I was educated – and feel as close to being at one with nature as I can get. I’m no son of Audubon, no Mark Trail or ev

  • What we think: Attacking dog shouldn't be loose

    If you read the account on the front page of today’s newspaper about a dog running from a house and severely biting a 2-year-old girl, you probably were as horrified as we were.

    But were you as equally horrified to read that the dog remained in its home, quarantined by game officials rather than taken into custody?

    Yes, we understand that this is within the limits of the law, but we are at a loss to understand why this would be appropriate.