My Word

  • MY WORD: Bleeding federal budget is not the cure

    Dr. Benjamin Rush was the chief medical counsel to Thomas Jefferson and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Dr. Rush is also famous for advocating a medical treatment that proved to be incredibly disastrous. He advocated bleeding the patient as a cure for a wide range of illnesses.

  • MY WORD: Setting history straight on gun control

    I do not like to publicly attack others on their letters to the editor, but since Eugene Maynard has made a career of doing just that, a past letter of mine included, I feel I am justified to “do to him what he has done to me.” Maynard’s rant (“The Presidential gun-grab,” My Word, Jan. 30) is nothing more than a rant.

    In doing a little research on the Internet, I found Sen. Rand Paul’s untruthful scare letter sent to supporters in which the senator and Eugene Maynard give out the same misinformation.

  • NEIHOF: Non-readers need drastic help

    February is “I Love To Read Month” – unless you are “Henry.”

    Henry can’t read.

    He’s in the fourth grade and can’t read. Actually he can read, but he reads on the first-grade/sixth-month level. Henry desperately needs catch-up growth in reading.

    A catch-up kindergarten curriculum did not adequately focus on letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics and vocabulary development. That robbed him of valuable literacy learning time every year since kindergarten. Neither Henry nor his parents know that.

  • MY WORD: Valentine’s Day verse

    I love my love an awful lot
    but there are times I love him NOT!
    Like when I want to watch my soaps
    and he would rather dash my hopes
    by telling me that there's no way
    I'd ever hear my hero say
    "I love you me more than life itself"
    and I should put him on the shelf.

    I stay up late, he turns in early,
    I like hair straight, he likes it curly,
    There's no telling why he moans,
    when I ask him he just groans
    and tells me that I'm crazy..

  • MY WORD: Some aches you simply can't mask

    The aging athlete is a pitiful thing in America, especially when their glory days are more a matter of our own conjecture than any pen-and-ink record of accomplishment. Yes, I am guilty, and so what? I was a better-than-average high school baseball player and a terribly reluctant and, therefore, less-than-average high school football player. But since I have qualified for the Senior Discount at Burger King, I have tried to maintain some semblance of athleticism.

  • MY WORD: A different type of homecoming

    Some Shelby County High School graduates returned home the weekend of Jan. 25 for basketball Homecoming activities. Two graduates returned home permanently last August, when they started teaching positions at East Middle: Casey Page and Marcie Wright.

    They join countless others who received their educations in Shelby County and have returned to work alongside former teachers in classrooms where they once could have sat.

  • MY WORD: Why are we abandoning children?

    On Jan. 29, the state announced an $86 million cut in child-care assistance for low-income working parents. Also included in the cuts are subsidies to relatives raising abused or neglected children. 

    That’s quite a statement for a governor who hung his hat on a platform of the importance of early childhood education, created a statewide Early Childhood Advisory Council and a Governor’s Office of Early Childhood, none of which have made any comment on the impending collapse of the system that houses most of our children under the age of 5 on any given day.

  • MY WORD: A belated thanks to Smith-McKenney

    It was in the late 1950s, while having lunch with Martha Donovan, part-owner in the Smith-McKenney Drugstore on Main Street, she said they had good people working for them, but none of the women wanted to work at night or on weekends.

  • MY WORD: Some history on the presidential gun-grab

    What I have to say about President Barack Obama’s “gun grab” is lengthy but necessary in order to give a proper historical approach and clear up the most recent root cause or the origin of his mindset.

    This is not a new idea or effort that has just occurred to Mr. Obama, he and others of his persuasion have labored from time to time toward this end. The horrible event at Newtown, Conn., was not the trigger, but it is just the opportunity to make inroads toward the goal to remove guns and repeal (in some form) the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

  • MY WORD: Some lingering questions for 2013

    I have some questions for those who are reading this letter to consider now that the New Year has begun.: