• WHAT WE THINK: Human Rights and protecting the minority

    We were happy to see that the Shelby County Human Rights Commission had decided to take up the conversation of a Fairness Ordinance at its recently scheduled meeting on Dec. 1.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Karas’ adding to her lore

    Since Collins High School opened in 2010 it has never lost an individual girls’ cross country state championship.

    A Karas has taken the honor every year. Following in the footsteps, and actually bettering her older sister Caterina Karas in 2011, a seventh-grade Gabby Karas took home her first title as the sisters finished first and second.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Our veterans

    As institutions and individuals lined up to thank and listen to veterans over the weekend and on Tuesday in celebration of Veterans Day, we thought to list the way those men and women have affected our lives.

    Their commitment to preserving our life, liberty and freedom can’t fit on a list and it certainly can’t fit in one day.

    While we love to see the ceremonies and time dedicated to those that have served our country, it’s too much for one day.

  • WHAT WE THINK: SCCF grants are on target

    We are always pleased to see the Shelby County Community Foundation’s work payoff with its yearly donations.

    And with more than $46,000 donated again this year, the SCCF is continuing a nearly twenty-five-year run of making a difference in the county.

    And we were ecstatic to see the foundation make some changes that mirrored some suggestions we made last year.

    In the Nov. 27, 2013 edition of The Sentinel-News, we wrote:

    “But we do have two important quibbles with the efforts of the foundation:

  • WHAT WE THINK: An idea rooted in good thought

    Occasionally an idea comes along that is just so obvious we all deserve a V8-caliber smack in the forehead for missing out on it.

    You know the commercials where a man or woman is talking about not getting enough servings of vegetables, and then “WHACK,” followed by the announcer saying ‘You could’ve had a V8.’”

    Well, you can count us among the group that deserves a palm to the forehead after learning about the Rooted in Shelby program being promoted by the Shelby County Cooperative Extension office.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Giving the voice to the real leaders, our voters

    As we try to rinse the filth of political ads from our minds and mailboxes – from the thousands of commercials and hundreds of direct-mail flyers touting candidates – and we get back to our regular programming, it’s important to remember a big thank you to our real leaders.

    Not the ones that will reside in Washington D.C. or the ones in Frankfort, the Shelby County Judicial Center or even our city halls and county offices. No, it’s important to remember those that voted.

  • WHAT WE THINK: While one garbage plan succeeds another continues to struggle

    Last week we found out that the Shelbyville City Council would move forward with a plan that would bring residents curbside trash and recycling service for less than $12 per month. Considering the best prices currently had the two services at about $15 per month, that was a win for the city.

    This plan, once finalized and voted on, should be available starting in January for those that decide to opt in.

    Those that decide not to participate in the franchise agreement will have to dispose of their own trash and recyclables.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: The commitment to faster Internet service in Shelby

    On Friday we shared a story about Shelby Broadband earning a national award from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, and we are certainly proud that the company calls our county home.

    Without their commitment to bringing faster Internet speeds to the county, many residents would be left with only whirr-hum-beeps of dial-up service as an option.

    However, it was another statement that president Chuck Hogg made that really made us take notice.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Campaign spending continues to spiral out of control

    Fresh on the heels of the news that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was coming back to Kentucky to spend more money to help Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign for the U.S. Senate seat, news has come out that Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell is now loaning his campaign $1.8 million to help offset the DSCC’s committed $1.5 million in advertising spending.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Let’s keep things civil

    We have already applauded our local candidates and their ability to be cordial and even friendly during this campaign season.

    But sadly we have found out that this hasn’t necessarily continued over to their supporters.

    We recently heard a story about a supporter of one party purposely putting a sticker of their party on someone else’s car. Of course that person was a staunch supporter of the other party. And the sticker was put on the car’s paint.