• WE CONGRATULATE: Simpsonville recognizes growth, impact it can have on residents

    Last week the Simpsonville City Commission did something that very few governments consider – they chose to lower taxes.

    The 10.2 percent decrease in property taxes will be a welcome reprieve for residents, but we really commend the commissioners for their progressive outlook.

    Recognizing the commercial growth that is coming their way, the commission realized the windfall in taxes they were about to receive. And instead of instantly looking to see where that money would best be spent they took a minute to see how it could best be used.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Is it time to revisit a local smoking ban?

    As CVS drugstores move to remove cigarettes from their shelves this fall, we think it’s time for our city and county officials to start thinking the same way.

    CVS officials cited a moral responsibility for making the change.

    “Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS pharmacy is the right thing to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health,” said Larry J. Merlo, president and CEO of CVS Caremark.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: The Cats and the Cards

    Does the NCAA have an axe to grind with the state of Kentucky? It sure looks that way.

    Not only were our beloved Cardinals and Wildcats relegated to much lower seeds than they both deserved, but now the NCAA has decided to ruin a week of productivity in offices from Paducah to Pikeville – as the coach wearing the blue tie might say.

    The two now will meet in the Sweet 16 late Friday night in Indianapolis, the second time in three years they’ve met in the NCAA tournament.

    We’re not sure our hearts can handle it.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Posted garbage rates a nice start

    Bless their hearts, but Shelby County Fiscal Court is trying.
    Those magistrates want to do the right thing and provide garbage service and recycling for you, and even if they couldn’t get together and head off a way to keep your money from being thrown away on a $3.2 million trash mahal, they feel like they have to do something.

  • WE SUPPORT: National Sunshine Week

    Sunday kicked off Sunshine Week, and no that wasn’t a cruel twist of fate played by Mother Nature.

    This Sunshine Week has less to do with the impending first day of Spring – which is Thursday, by the way – and more to do with keeping the sunshine in your life.

    Started by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors and later adopted by the American Society of news Editors, Sunshine Week is a national initiative to promote the importance of open government and freedom of information.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Mall's name must be 'success'

    ere you as surprised as we were late on Friday afternoon when the company building the outlet mall in Simpsonville announced that it would be changing the name of the facility yet again?

    Citing suggestions taken from Kentucky residents, officials of Horizon Group Properties determined that The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass would be a more appropriate mall moniker.

    We really can’t complain about that name, because we always have felt a bit slighted that our county was going to lose ownership so that the mall could connect with Louisville’s brand.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Bobby Hudson's contributions to Shelby County.

    Those who endorse Bobby Hudson for lifetime achievement awards – and there are many of both endorsers and awards – always say the same thing:

    He built so much of Shelby County.

    Mr. Hudson, the chief executive officers of the Shelby County Industrial and Development Foundation, may never have lifted a board or driven a nail climbed a ladder with a load of shingles, but when it comes to foundations, he has helped to pour more than a few.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Survival of JHS is really good news

    The diagnosis last week for the financial problems besetting KentuckyOne Health was at first scary and then a great relief.

    Much like a patient whose X-ray shows a big problem to be benign, KentuckyOne, parent company of Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, said it would do surgery but that the patient should survive – at least for the foreseeable future.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: The sun’s arrival to help with roads

    There was no more welcome sight that emerged on Monday than the sun that rose into a cold, windy sky and started to melt some of that white, icy stuff off our roads.

    We were beginning to think those roads never would be clear after the latest winter storm. We know our road crews are overextended and fatigued from a winter of continuous climatalogical discontent and that the supply of salt and the opportunity to brine were insufficient for the onslaught of Winter Storm Titan.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Shelbyville City Council is making the wrong move

    This newspaper is supposed to be paying attention to the best interests of the community, but we feel rather stupid right now, as if we didn’t see what we should have, as if we have let you down.

    Because we feel very much blindsided by the Shelbyville City Council.