• WE CONGRATULATE: Continuing the restaurant tax discussion

    While we are on the topic of congratulating the city, we cannot forget to offer praise for the council’s decision to continue to discuss the restaurant tax.

    With the announcement of a workshop on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at city hall, 315 Washington Street, the council has, for the first time we are aware of, decided to discuss the 3 percent tax on food from restaurants and other sources.

    The tax doesn’t include packaged food, so groceries would not be included.

  • WHAT WE THINK: City Center could be the center of our city

    We were pleased to hear the Shelbyville City Council’s unanimous “Yea” in favor of providing $2 million in funding for the proposed City Center project for the 800 block between Main and Washington streets.

    Not only could we clean up a block that is a considerable blight on our lovely downtown –excluding the community theatre, of course – but this also gets us that much closer to a much needed meeting space and an arts center to be utilized by our school district.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: The House’s eye on our future

    The Kentucky House of Representatives was also hard at work last week on a bill that would ban smoking in all work places and indoor public places.

    There are a few exceptions, including cigar bars and private clubs, but for the most part the bill is fairly inclusive.

    We applaud the House for approving the bill. This is the first time such sweeping legislation has been approved in either chamber of the Kentucky legislature, and we believe it is an integral first step.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Follow the state’s lead and revamp liquor laws

    For decades our commonwealth has been known for fast horses, basketball and Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

    With growing crowds, it doesn’t seem that the Kentucky Derby’s appeal will ever diminish. And the NCAA championship game has featured either the University of Louisville for Kentucky in each of the last three years, making it obvious that our state’s top universities in Lexington and Louisville have no intention of relinquishing our stranglehold on the country’s best hoops teams.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Eat up Shelbyville

    Thursday’s regular Shelbyville City Council meeting was a hub of conversation and discussion centering on a proposal for a zone change that would allow apartments in the Breighton Circle area just south of Interstate 64 by Exit 32 and close to Regal Cinemas.

    While this topic certainly deserves more discussion, it was a smaller presentation that caught our eye.

    The Shelbyville/Shelby County Visitors Bureau & Tourism Commission was on hand to make a presentation, one they made about one year ago in Simpsonville.

  • WE CELEBRATE: The life of Charles “Redd” Crabtree

    Simpsonville, Shelby County and the entire horsing community lost one of its greatest members last week.

    Charles “Redd” Crabtree left an indelible mark on the soul of Shelby County and on the Saddlebred Horse community.

  • Our goals for Shelby County in 2015

    With many New Year’s resolutions set and already broken, we believe it’s time to look forward for Shelby County.

    What do we want our county and our community to look like for 2015, where are our priorities?

    We want to be ambitious but realistic. We want to address issues that have captivated the public and we want answers.

    Yes, 2014 was a big, big year and we believe it has primed us for even more in 2015.

    With that said, we offer these goals for the year:

    Buck Creek Road

  • A look back at 2014

    Every January since 2009 The Sentinel-News has established a blueprint for the coming year to help focus on ideas, concepts and circumstances that deserve – or require – our attention.

    Every December since 2010, we have issued a report card to review how well the community has responded to those goals. Sometimes new issues rush in and steal our momentum – such as two new distilleries planning facilities in our county – but generally we have at the end of the year developed a grade for how we have fared as a community.

  • A county full of Christmas spirit

    While New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on our ups and downs from 2014, we firmly believe that Christmas and Christmas Eve are for family.

    And family can have many different meaning. Some celebrate with mom, dad and siblings, while others extend it to dozens of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and more.

    For you, it may even mean close friends that come by to share some stories and Yuletide greetings.

    But for us at The Sentinel-News, our family is Shelby County.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Karas continues her national ascent

    It was a little more than one month ago that we congratulated Gabby Karas for her fourth consecutive cross country state title.

    The Collins sophomore burst on to the scene as a seventh-grader with stamina and will power well beyond her years. And now she’s showing the rest of the country what we have come to expect from what may be the most decorated athlete to emerge from Shelby County.

    After placing 25th in 2013, Karas was 9th Saturday at the Foot Locker Cross Country National Championship in San Diego.