• WHAT WE THINK: Restaurant tax could feed all of us

    The critics were passionate and to the point during the Simpsonville City Commission’s meeting last week. They didn’t want a restaurant tax in the city, and they offered a smorgasbord of reasons why.

    And although commissioners voted as they should have – to impose the 3 percent surcharge on food and beverage sold in the city – this wonderful discussion, filled with so many well-constructed opinions, left us with one really bad question and one really good one.

    The bad one: Can Shelby County afford to have a tourism commission?

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Judge Armstrong's retirement ruling

    After a couple of weeks of pretty nasty comments and a festering situation, District Judge Linda Armstrong did the right thing Monday by announcing she would resign in March, nine months before the end of her term as judge of District 53, Division I.

    Ms. Armstrong had announced on the day after filing deadline, Jan. 30, that she was withdrawing her bid for re-election to serve Anderson, Shelby and Spencer counties. She cited health problems and said her decision had been made the prior weekend, after discussions with her family.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Shelbyville close to winning the trash race

    We feel a little bit like a jockey, astride a winning horse as it turns for home in the stretch run of the race of its life. We coax it along, encouraging it with our proverbial whip here and there, keeping our eyes on that final pole and knowing if we do what we’re supposed to do that victory for all is imminent.

    So it is with the city of Shelbyville’s plan to add curbside trash and recycling pickup for its residents, a wonderfully appropriate action that appears to be nearing that legislative quarter pole and making the bend into that final stretch.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: New faces, old winners on election lineup

    There is much to congratulate about the election year that is shaping up in Shelby County, but we will take second things first.

    We congratulate all the new individuals who have stepped forward to take a shot at public leadership this May and November.

    From state senator to the mayoral race in Shelbyville to its city council to three judgeships to a variety of magistrates, you will have new people to get to know and understand before casting your ballot. We look forward to the debate and the decision.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Shelby County's park trail deserves support

    If you own property on the northern side of Shelbyville and either Clay Cottongim or Shawn Pickens knocks on your door, don’t turn them away or call the authorities.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Good home sales reports in 2013

    It’s starting to appear that a “for sale” sign in front of property in Shelby County is not a bad billboard.

    A rising, continuing trend of home sales – some new homes among them – and a decline in foreclosures in 2013 and economic growth plans in place have real estate-brokers and administrators crowing about the possibility of the next few years.

    One even said we are nearing a “seller’s market,” a term not uttered in honest conversation since 2007 or so, depending on where you live.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Parks program’s public input concept

    We think the idea of a pair of public forums conducted by Shelby County Parks & Recreation is a winner.

    Parks officials announced that there would be public input sessions tonight and Feb. 5 in the Waldridge Center at Clear Creek Park.

    Parks Director Shawn Pickens said that all activities are open for discussion, that any idea can be considered, for the way current or proposed atheltic programs may be created and operated.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Now is time Shelby should dip from moist to wet

    We have taken the position that Shelby County’s status for the sale of beer and alcohol should change from “moist” to “wet,” which means that licenses could be granted for businesses outside the city limits of Shelbyville – a situation that routinely has caused much consternation because of stores that wanted to open in the area and perhaps because revenue was lost to other counties.

  • WE CONGRATULATE: Ordinance plan for restaurant tax

    The Simpsonville City Commission this morning is scheduled to introduce first reading of an ordinance to create a restaurant tax at its eateries.

    We understand that this ordinance would be weeks away from passing and months from implementation, but we have to applaud the fact that the commission is entertaining this suggestion.

  • WHAT WE THINK: These are our goals for Shelby County in 2014

    Have you set your New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps you’ve set them and already broken them. You wouldn’t be alone.

    We have been setting our community goals for Shelby County for the coming year, and unlike resolutions that might be broken, our objective is for each of these goals to be checked off the list and summed up as accomplished during our annual accounting next December.