Today's News

  • Long-running craft show continues to grow

    If you are ready to get a jump on your Christmas shopping and decorating, this weekend members of local chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international organization of women educators, will host their annual Trims and Whims craft festival.

    The event will be held in the hallways, common areas, and a couple of classrooms at Wright Elementary School.

    In it’s 34th year, the two-day event is expected to draw several hundred of shoppers.

    But festival organizer Joanna Freels assured there will be plenty of gifts to go around.

  • Finding the gift of time

    With Christmas just seven weeks away, time is running short to get prepared for the holiday season.  You can buy presents, hams, stockings, and décor but the one thing you need most this time of year is the one thing money can’t buy – time. Or can it?

    Kim Critchlow, who holds a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership, is selling the gift of time with her delivery and personal shopping services.

  • Family Court seat is Hellard's

    Lawrenceburg Attorney Marie Hellard has unseated longtime incumbent judge John David Myles for the seat of family court judge in the 53rd Judicial District.

    Hellard garnered 75 percent of the vote in Anderson County and 59 percent in Shelby County and 56 percent in Spencer County.

    The three-county race wasn’t very close, with first-timer Hellard pulling in 63.1 percent to Myles’ 36.9 percent.

    Neither Hellard nor Myles returned phone calls seeking comment Tuesday night.

  • McConnell tops Grimes to retains spot in U.S. Senate


    Incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell has maintained his position as U.S. Senator Tuesday by beating out his Democratic opponent Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

    The race was called shortly after the polls closed.

    In Shelby County, McConnell dominated Grimes 60.86 percent to 36.47 percent, beating her by nearly 4,000 votes.

    A posting on Mitch McConnell’s Facebook page thanked voters for their support, stating, “Thanks to supporters like you, we won a historic victory for Kentucky and America tonight.”

  • Council to remain unchanged

    The more things change, the more they stay same with the Shelbyville City Council. All six incumbents on the council will return after taking the top six spots in a nine-person election Tuesday.

    Republican Jon Swindler, who has served on the council for eight non-consecutive years, received the most votes with 12.58 percent while Republican Bobby Andriot was elected just two votes behind at 12.57 percent. Rounding out the votes were Republican Frank Page, 11.2 percent, and Democrats Donna Eaton, 12 percent, Shane Suttor, 11.2 percent, and Mike Zoeller, 10.7 percent.

  • SCPS finance director steps down


    Last Wednesday, seven months after the district discovered fraudulent activity within their finance department, the district’s Director of Finance Greg Murphy stepped down from his position.

    Though he relinquished his position, Murphy currently remains with the district, Shelby County Public Schools Superintendent James Neihof said.

    “He is no longer the director of finance,” Niehof said. “He is still employed by the district at this point.”

  • Voting process goes smoothly

    The scene in Shelby County on Election Day 2014, was typical, with people rushing around voting, but was much smoother than in the past, with hardly any issues at all, election officials said.

    “You would not believe that we had everything opened up, and we were sitting around here like the Maytag repairmen,” said Shelby County Clerk Sue Carole Perry. “It was shocking to us.”

    Perry had feared that the day would not go well because the districts have recently been redrawn, a move that affected half of the county’s 34 precincts.

  • Couple loses second son in car crash

    For the second time in five years, a horrific car crash in Finchville has plunged a mother and father into grief.

    When Dennis and Yandell Murphy lost their only remaining son to a car crash Saturday, the anguish they had suffered when his brother met the same fate five years ago came rushing back, only this time doubled.

    "Lord, it's not easy," said Yandell Murphy. "It’s a hard, hard thing to go through."

  • Shelby County School Board – Redrawing of voting boundaries still a no-go

    The Shelby County Board of Education has once again postponed their decision to alter their voting district geographic boundaries.

    During the public input portion of Thursday’s board meeting, school board candidate Austin Redmon spoke out against the two proposed voting district boundary maps.

    Redmon strongly voiced his opinion of the proposals, explaining that both suggested maps could directly impede candidate Richard Baltzell’s opportunity to serve if he is elected to the board.

  • Dec. 8 set for Monroe trial

    A date has been set for a jury trial for Lonnie Monroe, who was charged with manslaughter in a deadly wreck in 2011.

    At a pretrial conference on Monday in Shelby Circuit Court, Judge Charles Hickman set a date of Dec. 1 for a final pretrial before the trial on Dec. 8.

    Monroe was to have entered a plea Nov. 4, 2013, but his attorney, Nathan Riggs, told Hickman at that time that Monroe was not ready to take that step, and that measure did not come again.