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  • My Marine Corps Journal 1937-42, Part 14:Through the Panama Canal to Guantanamo Bay

    September 26, 1938

    War Seems Inevitable

    And now for a little timely news. Hitler’s attempts to take over Sudeten German part of Czechoslovakia have resulted in European unrest, unequaled since the war. If Hitler is appeased now, he will no doubt want more later. I am sure only memories of the last war have saved Europe from another war at the present time.1938

  • Neihof named new MUW campaign chair

    James Neihof, superintendent of Shelby County Public Schools, is the new county campaign chair for Metro United Way.

    Neihof, who is in his 9th year as superintendent, said he became interested in MUW when he found out how the organization’s fundraising efforts benefited the county, and that’s something he wants to get across to the community in his role as county chair.

  • Simpsonville City Commission: Tax rate is set to drop… again

    The Simpsonville City Commission passed a first reading Monday to set its property tax rate, and proposed – for the third year in a row - that the rate be lowered, a move that drew praise from city officials.

    The commission proposed a rate of 9.8 cents per one hundred dollars of valuation, down from the current rate of 10.

    The commission did the same in 2015, lowering the rate from 10.6 to 10, and also in 2014, when it lowered the rate from 11.

  • Saying goodbye to an icon

    With the shine of new tablets and computers glowing in the hallways of the district’s newest schools, those that have lived in Shelby County longer than school aged children will no doubt be a bit nostalgic this year as the last of the county’s old community schools won’t be reopening with today’s first day of school.

  • Karas, Petty a top duo for Collins XC

    Injuries, illness and car accidents slowed the Collins High School cross country team in 2015, and that was just one person.

    But while 4-time state champion Gabriella Karas was not at top form last year, it did give then first-year head coach Sean Roberts the opportunity to see that his roster wasn’t as top heavy as many considered.

    Freshman Madeline Petty would go on to finish in the top 15 at the state meet last year, and now the two look to lead a Titans squad that looks like it could be one of the best in the state.

  • Big shoes to fill

    After a season in which it went 12-2 largely on backs Malik Manica and Michael Perry, the Shelby County High School football team has to find a way to replicate that senior offensive production.

    “It’s hard to replace athletes like Malik and Michael,” head coach Todd Shipley said. “We’re hoping that Brandon Davis will fill the role of Michael [Perry]. We have two fullbacks coming back this year in Jose’ Carias and Brendon Durr.”

  • Collins, SC battle heat to prep for season

    While head coaches from the Collins and Shelby County football teams have different philosophies on the time of day their teams practice, both agree on one thing: proper hydration.

    “The key for us is properly hydrating our kids,” SCHS coach Todd Shipley said. “We always have water available for our kids, and we preach to them to start drinking water early in the morning.”

  • Post 37 goes 1-2 at Great Lakes regional tourney

    Shelbyville Post 37 couldn’t capitalize on a comeback win, and fell 12-2 in the second round of the loser’s bracket at the Great Lakes Regional in Edwardsville, Ill. Friday.

    After Shelbyville held off Pickerington, Ohio, for a 12-11 win Thursday, one bad inning sunk Shelby’s chances Friday.

    Bay City, Mich., scored eight runs on 10 hits in a dominating third inning, as Shelbyville fell, Mich. The offensive explosion put Bay City up 9-0.

  • A complete season

    Although it may not have ended the way they would have liked at the regional in Edwardsville, Ill., Shelbyville has plenty of reasons to be proud of Post 37’s season.

    A third state title in six seasons is nothing to shake a stick at, and coach J.R. Wiley did a fantastic job of getting his team to play at its full potential this season.

    First, the pitching for Post 37 was outstanding this season, and helped Shelby lift another state championship.

  • BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING – From tacky to techy

    Teachers made out their lists and parents have checked them twice as they gear up for the second busiest shopping season of the year: back to school.

    Store shelves have been filled with classroom necessities like composition notebooks and No. 2 pencils but what really gets kids excited about back to school shopping are those trendy new items adorned with designs that just scream their names.