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  • Ag commissioner to start with Blank slate

    Shelbyville native Angela Blank has been selected to serve as the Director of Public Relations for Commissioner of Agriculture-elect Ryan Quarles.

    She will take up her new position when Quarles is sworn into office next month.

    With more than 12 years of experience in public relations, governmental affairs, program management, policy development and event planning, Blank’s experience and education made her an ideal candidate for the role, Quarles said in a prepared statement.

  • Weather dampens post-holiday shopping

    As the waters rose, the flow of after-holiday shoppers seemed to level off over the weekend, local store managers say.

    At the Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass, several store managers said the heavy rainfall over the extended weekend may have kept many shoppers at home.

    “The weather hasn’t helped,” said Yessica Tlacoapa, assistant manager of American Eagle.  But despite the unfortunate weather, she said shoppers were still out and about the days following Christmas.

  • Shelby saturated by storm

    Storms that killed at least eight people throughout the south thankfully left Shelby County only with a little flooding.

    The rising water caused a few problems, including one water rescue, but the county was able to escape major damage.

    Shelby County Fire Chief Bobby Cowherd said his crews rescued a man from his vehicle on Old Eminence Pike by the Spring Oaks subdivision on Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.

    The man had tried to drive through a pool of standing water on the road when his car became trapped, said Cowherd.

  • County residents loading up recycling center with discarded materials

    Shelby Countians are ushering out the holidays the same way they rang them in – with gusto – said officials at the Shelby County Solid Waste and Recycling Center.

    “They’re still jolly – they’re glad to get all that stuff out of their houses,” said Recycling Specialist Tiffany Durham.

    Solid Waste Director Rick Solomon chuckled as he nudged the edge of a mound of some holiday gift boxes with his boot.

    “They’re bringing in Christmas stuff, cardboard boxes and party remains,” he said.

  • New fire training facility in the works

    Shelbyville Fire and Rescue is constructing a new facility off Kentucky Street to address their need for additional space and training opportunities.

    The existing facility on 7th Street presents multiple limitations, Fire Chief Kevin Baker said, including sharing a property line with the growing Serenity Center.

  • Long session will be heavy on budget, pension issues

    With 170 pre-filed bills on tap for 2016, lawmakers could be addressing a variety of proposals from the abolishment of the death penalty to more stringent DUI laws to tightening up on restrictions for sex offenders.

    And, of course, there are numerous bills directed at refining health care and related areas.

    But Sen. Paul Hornback said that he doubts that many of the more controversial issues would be addressed in the coming session that begins the first week in January.

  • Old Stone Inn struggles with liquor license issue

    A clerical issue, lying somewhere between Old Stone Inn, Shelby County ABC administration and the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control led to the realization that the longtime Simpsonville restaurant had been operating without a state liquor license since 2012.

    Documents from the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control reveal that the inn’s liquor license expired in June 30, 2012.

  • A sit-down with Santa

    Many don’t know that Santa Claus has a special outpost right here in Shelby County. With the loading process getting underway at the North Pole, Santa Claus was able to pop away from his preflight checklist with Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen to talk to The Sentinel-News about his favorite cookies, checking the naughty list twice and some of the other biggest mysteries about Ol’ Saint Nick.



    The Sentinel-News: What do you enjoy most about being Santa Claus?

  • The Community’s kind kids

    Plop your little one on ole Saint Nick’s lap and you’re sure to hear a list of Christmas demands.  “I want a Barbie,” or “I want some Legos,” they’ll say.

    But many children in Shelby County still know that the season is not just about a pile of gifts under the tree.  In fact, students countywide have proven that they are just as eager to give as they are to receive this holiday.

  • Last minute shopping in full swing

    With Christmas Eve’s hours quickly dwindling, shop owners say they have had a flurry of people scurrying around doing some last minute shopping.

    “We’re very busy today and we always welcome that,” said Cliff Vickers, manager of Goody’s in Village Plaza, on Tuesday.

    What are some hot items flying off the shelves in Goody’s?