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  • Shelby County volleyball star gets scholarship

    Kaitlynn James has spent a lot of time playing volleyball. If she wasn't playing, she was probably practicing. And, if she wasn't practicing, she was doing homework or studying.

    "We get a month off between club season and Assumption's season," James said. "When we're in season, it takes up about 90 percent of my time. Girls, when they start playing, don't know how much time it takes up."

    Still, the 18-year-old Assumption senior said all of the hard work has certainly paid off for her.

  • General Assembly session: Money matters again

    Money - or the lack thereof - will be the primary focus of the next session of the state's General Assembly, said both representatives from Shelby County.

    "It always is," state Sen. Gary Tapp said.

    The session gets underway Tuesday and will wrap up April 15. This is the 60-day session. The legislature meets for 30 days in odd numbered years.

  • Media empire Landmark to dissolve company

    Landmark Communications, Inc., parent company of the Sentinel-News, Landmark Web Press and more than six other area community newspapers, revealed late Wednesday it would sell the company. Landmark also operates the Weather Channel, nine daily newspapers and numerous publications in at least 15 states.

  • Mulberry Building could house Family Court

    So far, there's been a lot of talk but not much action.

    Negotiations are ongoing for Family Court to be moved to the Mulberry Building located at Main and 7th streets.

    State officials said Thursday that a firm timeline has been established for the project that would allow for the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to lease the Mulberry building and provide for renovations to the space to make it appropriate for a courtroom setting.

  • Also outraged

    I, too, am outraged by the recent displays of racism and xenophobia on this editorial page in the last few months. Natives of Shelbyville, you should be ashamed. Unless you are Native American, your ancestors were immigrants, too.

    Let me first state that I do not own a business and I am not making any "huge profit" from the immigrants. I am just a non-native resident with a job. However, I LIKE Hispanics. They bring their own rich customs and culture and it makes Shelbyville a better, more interesting place.

  • Community datebook

    Non-denominational meeting

    The Women's Prayer Connection meets 9:30-11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008, at the Stratton Center.

    Compassionate Friends

    Compassionate Friends, a support group for anyone who has lost a child, meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Franklin County Health Department. For information, call Sue Newton, 738-5022.

    Tumble Time

  • Teams, individuals made a splash in 2007

    Before choosing a New Year's resolution it's good to reflect back to the past year and see how you can improve.

    But even more fun than that is reflecting back on accomplishments.

    Shelby County again had teams challenging for and winning state titles in 2007. It comes as no surprise that Rockets and Bulldogs are feared among the state's best.

    Here are my picks as the top stories in Shelby County from 2007 -- in no particular order of course.

    SCHS baseball

  • What would you like to see happen in Shelby County in 2008

    Tina Ethington,

    Emergency room director, Jewish Hospital Shelbyville

    "I would like people to recognize the services they have here {at JHS}. They used to see this as a Bandaid station -- that was the mentality when I grew up.

    "But you get better care here than at the large hospitals. Our doctors and nurses stay more current on everything. There's no comparison to the personal attention you get here. This is where they live and they come here wanting to take care of the people in the community."

    Jessica Penix

  • New Year's Resolutions

    Where did the last year go? Here it is January, and I barely had gotten used to writing 2007 on checks. Truth be told, I have barely have made it into the new millennium. You know how, when you are busy writing out a check with people six deep behind you in line, and you have to pause to even remember what decade it is?

  • Tip leads to arrest of alleged forger

    Tip leads to arrest of alleged forger

    A Crime Stoppers tip helped Shelbyville police locate Jeanette Mitchell Wednesday who was wanted in a traveler's check forgery case. Mitchell was arrested Dec. 19 and charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument.

    Crime Stoppers had reported in November, a woman believed to be Mitchell had cashed two counterfeit American Express Travelers checks at the Convenient Food Mart on Main Street.

    Mitchell was described as a white female about 39 years of age and approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds.