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  • Creek smells

    After questions from concerned canoers on Clear Creek about a foul smell near the wastewater treatment plan on Kentucky Street, officials say there is nothing to worry about and that the smell, while not perfect, is harmless.

    In fact, it's kind of natural, given the nature of wastewater, said Bill Bryant, manager of the Shelbyville Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    "I have never smelled any [solid waste] that smelled like roses," he said.

    The smell, however, isn’t an indication of pollution going into Clear Creek near Red Orchard Park.

  • Painting a new skyline

     It’s inevitable, what goes up, must come down.

  • Home is where the school is

    The excitement of going back to school comes in many different forms.

    Kids like Mark and Malaika Safi of Shelby County don’t have the anxiety of meeting a new teacher at the start of the school year. Instead they will see a familiar face on Aug 10 in their teacher – and mom – Pam Safi.

    “Just look at my dining table –it’s hilarious,” Pam Safie said, gesturing toward stacks of books and other materials the kids were already pouring over in anticipation of their coming studies.

  • Preschool or nurturing at home

    A child’s brain is like a dry sponge, ready to absorb.  Put any lesson in front of a preschooler and they will soak it up.

    Not taking advantage of this period in their life would be a tragic waste.  But even worse, it may cause them to start kindergarten behind their peers.

    Clear Creek Elementary Principal Kim Willhoite said her biggest piece of advice to parents of preschool-aged children is to put their child in some sort of structured preschool program.

  • SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD - Board to review new leadership plan

    On Thursday the Shelby County Board of Education will review the plan that is set to replace the retired Strategic Leadership Plan.

    Dubbed A Profile of a Graduate, the plan lays the foundation of what characteristics community members feel a graduate of SCPS should embody.

  • Shelbyville kicks off ideal horse show

    A brief downpour passed through town just hours before the 28th Shelbyville Horse Show kicked off Wednesday night, leaving behind ominous cloud coverage and an uncertain forecast for the rest of the evening.

    But despite the foreshadowing, an almost perfect scene set the stage at the Shelby County Fairgrounds and the weather remained ideal through the evening.

    But the fear of what could have been may have kept many at home on opening night, which usually draws a hefty crowd due to the reception with free food.

  • An emotional return

    “I’m a very emotional mom this morning,” said Ginny Sullivan as she dropped off her daughter Karsyn for her first day of elementary school at Painted Stone. 

    As many parents know, the first day of school is always a difficult one, no matter the age.  For children, it’s a day of a new start: new class, new teacher, new friends, new experiences.

  • Retirement rush

    It’s no secret that Kentucky has one of the worst funded pension systems in the nation, but it’s the unknown that has employees of the commonwealth so concerned.  And those concerns have many seeking retirement options a bit sooner than they may have planned.

  • Social media fundraiser targets cemetery

    Board members of a local cemetery have come up with an innovative way of raising money for an expensive renovation project.

    Now if you wish to contribute to a project to pave the parking lot and walkways of Calvary Cemetery on 7th Street you can do so at the cemetery’s GoFundMe page set up by board member Leonard Sullivan to take donations.

  • Looking backward: Aug. 18, 2017

    Information was gathered from previous years of The Shelby Sentinel, The Shelby News and The Sentinel-News. You can reach the writer at jblair@sentinelnews.com.

    If anyone has an old photo that they would like to run with this column bring it and the information into The Sentinel-News office or e-mail it to the writer at jblair@sentinelnews.com. We are also looking for mystery photos. If you have a picture you can't identify, send it in and we'll ask our readers for help.

    10 years ago, 2007