Today's News

  • Winter Fauxstorm

    With snowfall totals coming in at just a fraction of what was predicted, Friday’s snowstorm proved to have more bark than bite –at least in Shelby County and areas west.

    Thursday morning, forecasters reported snow accumulation for the county could fall in the range of 5-9 inches for the northern part of the county and 10-14 inches for the southern part.  As the day progressed and more accurate information became available, those numbers increased to the ranges of 6-8 inches and 8-12 inches.

  • Croppers special election for winery is Feb. 2

    A special election to allow a Cropper couple to sell wine at their winery will be held Feb. 2, an event that William and Denise Stiles have been working toward since last year.

    “We are very excited,” said Denise Stiles.

    The Stiles planted 5 acres of grapes on their 25-acre farm on Christiansburg Road in 2012, and have been selling their wine at the farmers market, as well as with a distributor, and if the special election is successful, they will be able to expand their facility to add a tasting room, said Stiles.

  • SHELBYVILLE CITY COUNCIL – Council reviews 622 project

    Though no action was requested on either matter from the council members, the Shelbyville City Council heard two presentations Thursday that promised growth and positive changes for the community.

    Resident Travis White pitched to the council his proposal for a text amendment to the zoning regulations in the Central Business District (CBD) to allow self-storage facilities as a conditional use within the district.

  • SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD – Board to review draft budget

    The Shelby County Board of Education will get a taste of what’s to come Thursday when it hears a brief overview of district’s draft budget – the first step of three when preparing the district’s annual budget.

    Shelby County Public Schools’ Public Relations Coordinator Ryan Allan said the state requires each district present a draft, or preliminary, budget to their boards by January 31.

    “It doesn’t require action from the board,” Allan said. “It’s just a presentation.”

  • Fire displaces family on High Street

    An accidental kitchen fire Monday evening has displaced a Shelbyville family and left their rental home damaged.

    Shelbyville Fire Chief Kevin Baker said they received a call at approximately 8 p.m. Monday alerting them of a fire at 1205 High Street.

    According to the report, fire broke out after a resident heated oil on the stove in order to cook fish and then left the room.  Another resident observed the flames shortly thereafter and warned the other occupants.  Everyone evacuated the home without injury.

  • STORM UPDATE: Bracing for round 2

    An early morning snowfall Wednesday greeted students all across the region with the joyous news that school was closed.  Concurrently, employees with no option to take a free snow day were faced with the unfortunate reality that their morning would start with the scraping of windows and the shoveling of driveways before embarking on a slow and risky commute.

    Fortunately, most Shelby Countians arrived at their destinations unscathed.

  • The learning hub

    Earlier this month Shelby County Public Schools introduced the second phase of its 1:1 digital conversion, a goal aimed at putting a digital device into the hands of every student in the Shelby County Public School system, by distributing Chromebook laptops to every student on the middle school level. This followed a distribution to high school students at the beginning of thie 2015-16 school year.

    Within the next two years the district plans to deploy devices to students on the elementary level, as well.

  • Sister and brother prepare to walk the New York runway

    A Shelby County family is preparing to participate in one of the fashion world’s largest shows.

    Tiffany and Jacob Redmon say they are bursting with excitement that two of their children, Heaven Redmon, 13, and Lucas Sherrard, 11, will walk the runway at New York Fashion Week in February.

    Heaven and Lucas, both students at East Middle School, are gearing up for the event. Heaven, a “seasoned” runway model, says she will help her brother, a newcomer to the runway, with lots of support and advice.

  • TRIPLE S PLANNING COMMISSION – Mt. Eden Rd. development plans get approval

    The Triple S Planning Commission approved the development plans for Prodigy Retail Center on Mt. Eden Road Tuesday, but not before listening to the protest of several concerned residents of the developing area.

    Will Hagan with Kerry Magan Consulting Engineers presented the development plan for an 11,900-square-foot retail center on behalf of Prodigy Investments, LLC.

  • Teen’s family seeks answers in her death

    The family of Gynnya McMillen, a teen who died in custody in a juvenile detention facility, say they are seeking answers into her death.

    “We are simply trying to find out what happened,” said the girl’s aunt, Felicia Garr, acting as the spokesperson for the family.

    “Why did she die? What caused her death?”