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  • EARLIER: County fair has successful year

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  • WICHE: Dividing plants improves health, bloom

    We have all asked the question, “Why hasn’t my plant bloomed?”

    Sometimes the answer is as simple as not enough sunlight, not old enough, not cold enough or hot enough, etc. In fact it could be as simple as a little digging and dividing for some renewed blooming attitude.

  • Temps continue to sizzle

    The heat that doesn’t seem to stop may be a little bit more severe today.

    Forecasts call for today to be the hottest day of the year in central Kentucky, with the National Weather Service predicting highs to reach about 98 degrees. Temps may drop on Thursday, all the way to 96.

    This means that the heat index again will push past 100, and the NWS has continued a heat advisory for the eastern half of the state.

  • Legion wins 2 of 3 from Indiana teams

    Shelbyville Post 37 came out of the holiday weekend building consistency and confidence with two victories and a loss at home against teams from Indiana.

    Shelbyville (8-4) lost to Rockport, 4-3, Saturday, then beat Evansville, 13-1 and 13-11, in a doubleheader Sunday.

    In honor of longtime baseball coach Bobby Stratton, his widow, Helen, threw out the first pitch of the doubleheader Sunday afternoon.

  • Florence Van Stockum Chapter 3: One woman’s story of World War I

    Shortly after the great Battle of the Somme, where nearly 20,000 British soldiers had been killed during the initial day, July 1, 1916, letters filtered back that my mother’s husband, Reg Bareham, had not returned from the attack and was “missing in action.”

  • We congratulate: Efforts to improve deadly I-64 ramp

    One of our fellow residents has seen a dangerous situation and has done something about it.

    He won’t admit that or take credit, because that might not be culturally appropriate in his organization. But we can see the difference his efforts have made.

    We speak of Tim Wafford, supervisor of the state highway garage in Shelby County.

  • EARLIER: What we think: Give us paint for terrifying ramp

    Shelby County has been blessed in a tight budget year to have earned more than $17 million in road improvements from the state.

    We must thank state Sen. Gary Tapp (R-Shelbyville) and state Rep. Brad Montell (R-Shelbyville) for their hard work in pushing these projects through not only federal stimulus specifications but the state’s myriad approvals, too.

  • Bet you didn't have this much fun on your holiday


    I looked in the mirror and saw a blood-red left eye staring back. The more I rolled it to the right, the redder it appeared, as if it had been a punching bag for a few of Muhammad Ali’s right jabs.

    But there also was a long, red scratch on my left forearm, a notch of red on the back of my hand and a bruise on my right leg.

    And then there was my wife, who had a large, soft knot on her left temple and scuffs on her knuckles. Her knee was stiff and her hand so sore she barely could squeeze a fork.

  • Sports briefs: July 9, 2010

    Post 37 splits with Bowling Green

    Playing at the University of Louisville’s Patterson Field, Shelby (9-5) lost one, 2-0, and won one, 14-13, against Bowling Green on Tuesday night.

    In the first game, Shelbyville out hit Bowling Green, 5-4, but lost when BG scored two runs in the fifth inning. Coach Jim Wiley said his team played well.

    “We faced a real nice pitcher. It was a well-played game,” he said. “It was just a pitcher’s battle.”

  • What we think: We must buckle up under the chin, too

    We read these reports and get evermore ill, not just for the images they create but for the law that allows them to occur. In the past week, two men riding 2-wheel vehicles on county roads have been involved in serious accidents when they weren’t wearing helmets. One of them died, and the other almost did. Both of them might be walking around today if not for collisions involving their 2-wheel vehicles and taking the full force of traumatic impact on their unprotected skulls. We won’t paint the full image, but you know how it