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  • School Board District 1: Andrew Cline

    With three children in school and two more that are not yet old enough, Andrew Cline has decided it's time to get even more involved.

    Cline is already a member of the Simpsonville Elementary School Site-Based Decision Making Council, along with being on several other local, regional and national boards, but he said he is ready to take that next step.

    "I feel it is important to have a parent with school-aged children as a representative on the board," he said.

  • EARLIER: Transportation Cabinet Prather resigns

    Kentucky Transportation Secretary Joe Prather, the man who two weeks ago admitted construction problems with the Shelbyville Bypass, is resigning.

    Gov. Steve Beshear announced Tuesday that Prather would be leaving Sept. 30, citing Prather's desire to spend time with his family.

    Beshear has appointed State Highway Engineer Mike Hancock to serve as acting secretary of the cabinet, which has more than 4,500 full-time employees.

  • We congratulate: SCHS golf team for its inspiration

    This has been a rather difficult athletic season for Shelby County High School.

    The Rockets are not soaring as they usually have, and most of their head-to-head match-ups with new rival Collins have not gone well.

    But then last week a group of young girls from SCHS played their way into the state golf tournament and contended admirably and bravely for a championship.

  • EARLIER: Girls State golf: SCHS has a chance for a title

    The Shelby County High School girls’ golf team isn’t quite the top dog heading into next week’s State Tournament, but the Rockets aren’t underdogs either.

    Shelby County goes to Bowling Green early next week as one of the favorites in the 2010 Leachman Buck-GMC/KHSAA State Golf Championships. Practice is Monday, and the 2-day tournament is scheduled to get under way Tuesday.

  • Election 2010: Soil board seats up for rare vote

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  • Shelbyville extends moratorium on 7th street corridor

    The Shelbyville City Council raced through up a very short meeting Thursday.

    The council had just two items on the agenda, and neither one was contested.

    With the public workshops for the 7th Street Corridor study just concluded, council members continued to protect the area from change until new zoning regulations can be finished.

  • What we think: Here’s a new plan for road contracts

    If you’ve passed recently any intersection of the Shelbyville Bypass, you likely have been amazed and even a bit mystified at the level of work being done on our incomplete roadway.

    There are clouds of dust, lined up personnel and equipment and just a general beehive of movement – almost any hour of the day and even on the weekend – that is at once heartwarming and blood-boiling.

  • District soccer: Tough roads ahead

     The 16th District soccer tournament begins Monday for the Shelby County and Collins boys’ and girls’ teams, and all four teams will be ready to get going when the time arrives.

  • Looking Back: Oct. 8, 2010

    Information was gathered from previous years of The Shelby Sentinel, The Shelby News and The Sentinel-News. You can reach the writer at sharonw@sentinelnews.com.

  • Partners in crime fighting

     This year, for the first time, the award for the top police officer in the Shelbyville Police Department was presented not to just one person, but to two.