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  • We congratulate: The progress (?) on health care

    You may not like what you read, and you may be, like us, getting tired of the rhetoric, but surely you see this as a time to congratulate our congressional leaders for finally doing something that needs drastically to be done: overhaul our health-care system.

    We are a couple of miles from the finish line, it would seem, but the tape on what has been a decades-long run is in sight.

  • Community Datebook

    Community Datebook



    Pool fun

    The Clear Creek Family Activity Center will have the 8-foot tall inflatable slide and 6-foot tall inflatable beach ball in the swimming pool from noon-4 p.m. today and Friday this week.

  • Fulfilling earth's promise: Farm builds county's first solar structure

    Just a few tiles here and a couple appliances there, and what is quite possibly Shelby County's first passive/active solar building will be complete.

    This spacious building is the office for Earth's Promise Farm, owned by Jason Tucker and Sandee Corlett, and represents a sort of environmental entrepreneurship, a farm that lives off itself right down to its building.

  • WICHE: Civilization and the art of saving seeds

    Real human advancement was made when we finally figured out that saving seed from the very best food plants was a way to get some really good food next year.

    The pumpkins that the Wampanoag served the pilgrims were more like gourd if compared to the sugar pumpkins available today! The evolution of tastier food crops was aided by the human hand through the process of seed saving and meticulous selection based on vigor, pest resistance, drought tolerance, yield and taste. 

  • Holiday Events

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  • Man charged with murder

    A Shelbyville man has been charged with murder in the stabbing death of a Franklin County man on Friday night.

    Melvin Hawkins, 35, of 102 Lynne Acres is accused of stabbing  Ricky Wright, 46, of 2127 Mink Run Road in Franklin County.

    Shelby Police Major. D. Goodwin said the stabbing happened at the apartment building.

  • EARLIER: What we think: Zone change for Harley is a victory in process

    The walkover victory and rubberstamp approval Thursday night by Triple S Planning & Zoning for the property that may one day be a home for Harley-Davidson’s largest motorcycle factory was a wonderful moment in Shelby County’s development.

    That unanimous approval by the commission and the absence of acrimony from the public sent a loud, clear and distinct message to the leaders of that corporation: We are behind this bid 100 percent.

  • It’s a good bet not to follow my lead at the race track

    So my wife and I spent an afternoon at Churchill Downs last Friday. Nice, breezy fall day, small crowd, lots of elbow space, and it was my wife’s first visit to the cathedral of horse racing.

  • SCHS soccer player hitting national scene

    SCHS freshman Walker Andriot won’t be gorging on turkey, mash potatoes and cranberries this Thanksgiving. Instead he’ll be in Orlando at Disney’s Wide World of Sports training with 1995 U.S. Soccer’s Olympic Development Program (ODP).

  • EARLIER: Trinity knocks Rockets from playoffs

    LOUISVILLE -- Trinity High School players came out in all black, matching the blackout the team called for from its fans, and took control early in the game, knocking the Rockets from the Class 6A playoffs, 42-10, Friday.

    After SCHS forced Trinity (8-4) to punt on its first possession, an interception gave the ball right back, and the Shamrocks capitalized.