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  • Memories of that first ride

    Brandi Floyd Raizor never has been afraid of a horse.

    A champion shower of Tennessee Walking Horses, Raizor can thank her grandfather, Walter Bruner, and the first horse he put her on, Gingerbread Man.

    That chestnut-colored horse was huge, 16-hands tall. Raizor wasn't even 5 years old.

  • EARLIER: Staying with the League


    The cities of Shelbyville and Simpsonville were benefiting from memberships in the Kentucky League of Cities long before Tom Hardesty and Steve Eden took over as their mayors.

    And Hardesty and Eden both speak resolutely in support of the League, which is undergoing a state audit and internal evaluations after its spending practices were brought into question in an investigation by The Herald-Leader of Lexington.

  • WICHE: Native nut trees and bushy tails

    The odd thing about living in the country is that squirrels are rarely the nuisance they can be to urban folk.  I think country squirrels are wilder then city ones, but it also turns out that we are experiencing two different squirrel species all together. 

  • Shelby County Industry 2009

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  • Talker of the town

    His day starts at 5 a.m.: Wake up, get dressed and get to work.  

    It’s Monday, and Drew Deener is online checking anything he might have missed overnight or during the weekend, then he reads the morning paper, and he watches at least one full cycle of ESPNNEWS.

  • A family that rides together

    The women in the Ballard family are wild about horses, and they all have their tales to tell. The men are another story.

    Matthew, 11, recalled an incident that didn't bolster his enthusiasm for riding.

    "I had absolutely no experience and I was trying to drive the horse - I mean to stir it - and the horse went too far to one side going through the gate, and I fell off," he said. "I've kind of gotten a little more nervous around horses since that happened," he added.

    Recalling the experience, his sister, McKenzie, 13, giggled.

  • For want of a horse

     When I was a boy, for as long as I could recall, I wanted a horse.

  • Simpsonville gears up for 2010 census

    Simpsonville officials expect the 2010 census to show the population has more than doubled.

    During the Wednesday morning's meeting of the Simpsonville City Commission, City Administrator David Eaton guesstimated that the population had grown to 3,000 since the 2000 census, which reported 1,281 residents.

    "It does have an effect on revenue and what we can bring in here through grants," said Eaton, who suggested the commission advertise the census.

  • Shelby County Sheriff’s reports: Oct. 21, 2009


    Maria Moran, 32, of 1696 Lees Court in Shelbyville was arrested Sunday on Frankfort Road and charged with careless driving, operating on a suspended or revoked operator's license and failure to produce an insurance card.

    Charles Jones, 36, of 8704 Rebecca Scott Way in Louisville, was arrested Sunday on I-64 West at the 40th mile marker and charged with careless driving, no insurance, having an open alcoholic beverage container in the vehicle and DUI.

  • This flu season we're doing some things we haven't done before

    I submitted to getting a flu shot the other day. I’ve never had one, and I didn’t see the need to get one this year. But I’ve read the stories, and I have two little germ incubators at home. They drag in everything that the dogs don’t. After some encouragement, getting the shot seemed prudent. It’s not that I’m afraid of needles. I’m just not afraid of illness. But I should be.