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  • Middle school team falls to Carroll

  • Cool idea becomes hot stuff

    Maybe you want to keep that Italian marble floor in the kitchen nice and warm on your bare feet, or perhaps your tennis court gets unbearably hot in those Southern California summers, so a cooler court makes for a better game.

    Just because you live in the lap of luxury, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to save a few bucks on your heating and cooling system.

  • News Briefs: April 14, 2010

    Shelbyville rewards hero

    Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty honored Teresa Evans as an Ambassador of Shelbyville for going above and beyond the call of duty last month.

    Evans, who declined to be interviewed, saw a person steal the Children's Miracle Network money off the counter at Speedway in Shelbyville, followed that person and contacted the police so the suspect could be arrested.

  • EARLIER: It's official: Beef O'Brady's to open in Kobe's vacancy

    Jon Kohler, a man with much experience in sales and marketing, took his time in closing a big deal here in Shelby County.

    He and his wife, Heather Giles-Kohler, will be the owners of a Beef O’Brady’s Restaurant that will open on Midland Trail.

  • WICHE: Too much mulch detrimental to trees

    Driving into town the other day, I was depressed about how this mulch thing has really gotten out of hand. 

    Every tree looked like a telephone pole sticking out of a rounded mound or orange-looking mulch. All I could think was “poor trees.”

    I keep writing about it, but is doesn’t seem people getting the message that too much mulch is a bad thing.

  • Shelbyville clean-up starts Monday

    If you’ve been looking to get rid of that old fridge or that worn out plaid recliner taking up space in the basement, now’s your chance -- at least in Shelbyville.

    Shelbyville’s Public Works Department will be offering pickup service for the city’s citizens all next week.

  • 9-year-old dives in to save little sister from drowning

    A peaceful Sunday afternoon at Lake Shelby nearly turned into a tragedy for the Hernandez family.

    When 6-year-old Gabriella Hernandez fell into the water as she and her sister were playing near the dam, 9-year Isabella didn’t hesitate, her mother said.

  • Nicholas Meriwether Chapter 5 : The final days

    Nicholas Meriwether’s dispute with Daniel M'Cleland's about legal proceedings and land dealings in Shelby County did not end with Meriwether’s lengthy letter to the Kentucky Gazette.

    About two weeks later, M’Cleland got in his response.

    He wrote:

  • Woman arrested in robbery of pizza delivery man

    Another person has been arrested in connection with the robbery of a Pizza Hut delivery driver, which occurred March 30.

    Angelic Burkhead, 24, of 408 Lynne Acres, was arrested March 31 and incurred the same charge as the three men who are accused of beating a Pizza Hut delivery man and taking his money and pizzas.

  • Slaughter site nears its finish


    The Slaughter memorial site just west of Simpsonville has received a $1,000 grant from the Louisville Civil War Roundtable to place memorials to each of the 22 members in Company E of the 5th U.S. Colored Calvary who died at that site on Jan. 25, 1865.