Today's News

  • School board seats open

    Three seats on the Shelby County Board of Education are up for grabs this November. And with less than four days before the filing deadline, no one has yet put their name in the hat for the jobs.

    Board members, Brenda Jackson and Sam Hinkle said they intend to file before the Aug. 12 deadline and run for the current positions.

    Allen Phillips, who has been on the board for close to 20 years, said he has not yet decided if he will run for reelection. Phillips currently represents the southeast side of the county in district 3.

  • Simpsonville ordinance would spell out interchange zoning

    The Simpsonville City Commission took first reading Tuesday on an ordinance that would specify what businesses can and cannot go on land near the interchange at Buck Creek Road and I-64.

    The list was generated in meetings by city officials, representatives of residents who live in the interchange area and officials from Triple S Planning and Zoning. Triple S also held public hearings on the new regulations, which, if adopted, would be added as a text amendment to current Triple S Zoning rules.

  • Man jailed for rape of juvenile

    A local Hispanic man was arrested Saturday night and charged with first-degree rape and unlawful imprisonment, according to police.

    Osman Cerna-Perez, 25, of Shelbyville, is charged with locking a mentally-challenged 17-year-old girl in a bathroom and raping her, said Shelbyville Police Detective Bruce Genry.

    According to the police report, Perez "physically restrained the victim and placed his left hand around the victim's throat."

    Gentry said that several of the elements that constitute first-degree rape were present in the situation.

  • The glory, honor, and (dark side) of China

    Regardless of which country walks away from Beijing with the most medals, China will likely be the real winner of this year's Olympic Games: that is, if it can avoid getting a black eye in the media.

    The fact that the games are being held in China is truly quite amazing.

    Just 40 years ago, the thought of China hosting such an event would have been absolutely absurd. At that time, China was a backward, volatile, third world country dealing with starvation and under the reign of a madman named Mao Ze Dong who caused the death of millions of his own countrymen.

  • Harding named Cropper principal

    A local school administrator has been named the principal at the Shelby County Education Center at Cropper.

    Don Harding, an assistant principal at Shelby County High School for the past six years, got the appointment last week.

    Harding said he is excited about his new position and the possibilities that are at the school.

    Superintendent James Neihof, who appointed Harding to the position, said Harding's experience and abilities made him the natural choice for the job.

  • A smooth start: Schools open with ease despite changes

    If the first day of school last year was a hurricane, then the first day of school this past Wednesday was a gentle ocean breeze.

    Buses ran pretty close to schedule.

    Traffic at several local schools was much less of a headache.

    And there were no parents threatening to boycott the school system - all noticeable improvements from last year.

    Superintendent James Neihof said he was pleased with the start of the school year and hoped it sets the tone for the rest of the year.

  • Thanks for supporting hospital

    As long time employees of Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, we would like to thank the physicians of Shelby Family Medicine for their unwavering support of the facility and the nursing staff.

  • No conspiracy

    In response to the letter 07-23-2008 by Yvonne Clark, concerning the passage of the Charles & Helen Crabtree Stables, Inc. request for a two acre minor subdivision plat, accusing the Planning & Zoning Board of conspiring to pass the minor subdivision plat because of power and influence is simply and plainly wrong and could not be further from the truth.

  • Southern States joins company network

    Members of the local Southern States Cooperative have voted to be acquired by and become part of the larger regional Southern States Cooperative. The co-op had been owned and operated locally.

    The change took effect July 1.

    "It's a chance to deal better with the competition," said Southern States board chair Ray Tucker. "It's an opportunity for Shelbyville to become a better store."

  • School menus - August 11-15

    Monday -- Stuffed crust pizza or cheese and crackers, California medley tossed salad, apples, mandarin oranges, pears, milk

    B = Cinnamon French toast or uncrustable

    Tuesday -- Corn dog or Bosco stick w/marinara sauce, ketchup/mustard, tater tots, green beans, apples, mandarin oranges, pears, milk (Wright has Little Caesar's pizza)

    B = Ham and biscuit or grilled cheese