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  • Extreme view

    Reading the July 16, 2008 issue letter to the editor "Scary," I find Ms. Packard's view rather extreme.

    Ms. Packard does point out some features of this new federal mandate that individual states and parents need to be aware and cautious. Presently, 11 states have enacted legislation to restrict DNA's various uses and regulate privacy to families and individuals.

  • 1993: Six from Nepal seek advice from Shelby on development

    If anyone has an old photo that they would like to run with this column bring it and the information into The Sentinel-News office or e-mail it to the writer at sharonw@sentinelnews.com. We are also looking for mystery photos. If you have a picture you can't identify, send it in and we'll ask our readers for help.

    10 years ago, 1998

  • Does God answer prayers about gas prices?

    Pray at the Pump is a new movement to enlist God's power to lower gas prices. Activist Rocky Twyman, of the Washington, D.C. area, began the group a few months ago because soup kitchen volunteers were unable to drive in from the suburbs because of rising gas prices. So Twyman started the prayer groups.

    People met at gas stations to ask God to give them lower gas prices. So, when prices went down, they gathered to thank God for the recent dip in prices.

    However, I'm not so sure it is God's plan to lower our gas prices. Why should He?

  • Shelbyville Horse Show results

    Wednesday's results from 2008 Shelbyville Horse Show.

    (listed: horse, owner, rider)

    Class: Five Gaited Adult Amateur

    1. Callaway's Winning Ways, Leatherwood Stud LLC, Barclay DeWet

    2. CH Callaway's Banner Headline; Janet Kellett, Janet Kellett

    3. Ava Gardner, Kimberli Alden, Ashley Alden

    4. Heirobatic, Cindy Kollmeier, Wendy Bruwer

    5. In Contention, Kelly Palmer, Cindy Siders

    Class: Three Gaited Park Open

    1. Awesome Memories, Fritz and Candace Meili, Gerhardt Roos

    2. Tableaux, Happy Valley Stables, Steve Old

  • Class reunions revive memories of cross-county battles

    A cross-town rivalry was rekindled on July 26 when two local high school classes held their 40-year reunions on the same night.

    The 1968 graduating classes from Shelbyville High School and Shelby County High School did not intend to schedule their reunions on the same night.

    Reunion organizers from both schools admitted that getting that many Rockets and Red Devils in close proximity is still a risky venture.

    Thankfully, the reunions were held 5 miles apart and those who had too much to drink weren't allowed to drive.

  • Ice cream social

    The Simpsonville Lions Club is having an ice cream social Saturday from 4 p.m. until ? at First Christian Church on U. S. 60.

    All you can eat ice cream. Adults $5. Children $2.50. Sugar-free desserts are available.

  • UK dean's list

    The University of Kentucky has released the dean's list for the spring 2008 semester.

  • Food for thought: Inspectors keep an eye on eateries

    Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, promotion, graduation or just about any special occasion, how do most people celebrate?

    That's right -- by dining out.

    Everyone knows what's on the menu at their favorite restaurant. But do they know if they're risking their health by eating there?

    The most popular way to gage an establishment's suitability is by their most recent health inspection score, which all restaurants must display.

  • Want to show? Have some $ to spend

    Even though the love of the sport may be priceless, training and showing saddlebreds does come with a hefty price tag. The compiled list below provides approximate prices for the necessary tack a saddlebred enthusiast might spend.


    Depending on your needs, used saddleseat saddles can range in price from $300 to $1,000. New saddles range anywhere from $1,200 to $2500.

    Saddle Pads

    Choose from gel or shell pads, ranging in price from $33 - $40.


  • Great 'happening'

    Was anyone in the Shelbyville"s Downtown area on Saturday night (July 26) to see the crowds gather? At first I thought only a "Santa" appearance could attract such a turnout! But low and behold it was the first Shelby Co. Car Club's Cruise that closed 4th-7th streets. The air was filled with music from the fantastic street dance band and every inch of the pavement was occupied with a multitude of classic and phenomenal automobiles. Everyone was in a festive mood and the predicted rain never materialized.