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  • News briefs: July 15, 2009

     Daycare Registration

    Because of state regulatory changes, Shelby County Public Schools’ after-school programs were required to become licensed daycare facilities during the 2008-2009 school year.  Changes have been implemented for the 2009-2010 school year, stemming from visits to nearby daycare programs by and input from a group of parents representing each elementary school.

  • Learning humility fromeea Viking?

    Three boys were on the playground bragging about their fathers.

    The first boy said, "My dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a poem and they give him $50."

     “That’s nothing,” the second boy said. "My dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a song, and they give him $100."

  • EARLIER: Burglary suspect gets more charges

    A man police believe is responsible for as many as 30 burglaries around the state will be incurring more charges, they say.

    Maj. Danny Goodwin of the Shelbyville Police Department said that police would be charging Robert Eugene Weathers, 40, of Springfield in connection with three more local burglaries.

    Weathers was taken to the Shelby County Detention Center last Wednesday after being arrested and charged with break-ins at Big O Tires and a Dollar General Store in Shelbyville.

  • 11-year-olds win their first 2

    The Shelby County 11-year-old Cal Ripken All-Star Team has won its first two games in the State Tournament at Clear Creek Park. Shelby whipped Berea, 8-2, Thursday night to advance to ffinals of the winners’ bracket.

  • Some Crusade money comes back

    Shelby County Public Schools have used money from the WHAS Crusade for Children organization for years to buy software, laptops, preschool equipment, handicap playground equipment and other various items to help special needs children in the county.

    Duanne Puckett, community relations coordinator for the schools, though some might not understand the importance of providing a swing to a child, a handicapped child may never know what it feels like.

    “That Crusade money has brought that thrill to the child,” she said.

  • WICHE: Blueberry planting and maintenance

    No other berry crop has gained the popularity of the blueberry.  I am glad it has earned this distinction because blueberries are actually pretty easy to grow if you provide them with some timely attention.

    Once they are established, some late winter pruning and fertilization is all you need to do to keep them in production. Sure, you need to start out right if you want to have productive bushes for the next 20 years, but once your established all the chores are straight forward.

  • WICHE: If your plants bloom before June 1stee

    Yes June 1 is the cut off date that officially marks the difference between a spring bloomer and a summer bloomer.  Does it matter that we know?  Yes, if you want to prune properly.

    This spring was a great one for spring bloomers: lilacs, viburnums, azaleas and rhododendrons all were able to do their thing with out a touch of frost or freeze.  We deserve that from time to time, but in order to keep these shrubs in shape, we need to prune them from time to time as well.

  • WICHE: Homemade shade devices offset summer heat

    We protect some of our plants from cold, so why not protect them a bit from heat?

    Sure, we can’t change the ambient air temperature on a 90-degree day, but we can keep our vegetables shaded on the hottest days of the summer with reasonable results.

    The vegetable garden can start doing some funny things during a heat wave.  When temperatures start to raise into the upper 80s and 90s, many vegetables drop flowers before pollination and fruit set and stop blooming.

  • 12-year-olds take district title

    Shelby County’s 12-year-old Cal Ripken League All-Star Tam capped off an improbable 3-0 run to the District Championship in Frankfort Saturday.

    “We shocked the world,” Coach Mike Dugle said. “The team really put it all together and played two of the best games they’ve played in the last four years. I’ve been around this group for four years, and they just came together and peaked at the right time.”

    Shelby County opened the tournament Wednesday with an 11-5 whipping of Henry County.

  • WICHE: Take soft wood cuttings to propagate plants

    The most common form of plant propagation is digging and dividing, which is best done in early spring before new growth or in the fall before plants go dormant.

    Digging and dividing is great for herbaceous plants, but those plants that are considered woody ornamentals do not divide as easily with a spade.

    In this case we can look to the technique of rooting out softwood cuttings from the mother plant.