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  • New waste facility moves forward fast

    Shelby County’s planned solid-waste facility moved a step closer to becoming a reality Thursday when the bidding process for the project was given the go-ahead at a meeting of the Shelby County 109 Board.

    “We’ve got all of the pre-bid documents ready now, and the design is completed,” 109 Board Chair Rusty Newton said. “We should be ready to go to bid by the end of October.”

  • EARLIER: Shelbyville City Council: Garbage, recycling talk returning

    A big item emerged from a small meeting Thursday night of the Shelbyville City Council.

    “[City Attorney] Steve Gregory is working up an initial draft of an ordinance for curbside garbage and recycling that we should be able to bring to you [the council members] soon,” Mayor Tom Hardesty said. “This will be something we can work for public forums and meetings going forward.”

    After meeting with a council subcommittee, Gregory said he has gotten started but that there isn’t much he can share on the ordinance.

  • EARLIER: Shelbyville City Council: Few show to talk trash

    A poor turnout at a public hearing Thursday on curbside trash and recycling pickup is a sign that most city residents are in favor of curbside trash and recycling collection, officials say.

    Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty said he wasn’t surprised to see only five people from the public – with three of them from the same neighborhood – show up to voice objections to having the city handle their trash collection and recycling.

    He added that the positive feedback he has had from residents outside of the public hearing far outweighs the negative.

  • EARLIER: Garbage still on the table for Shelbyville

    The Shelbyville City Council remains interested in pursuing information on curbside trash and recycling for residents despite the county’s decision to step away from the concept.

    Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty said last week he will continue to investigate the idea and said the council has seemed interested in continuing on without the county.

    “It’s definitely still on the table for us, and we’re interested in looking into it further,” he said.

  • EARLIER: Simpsonville officials dispute complaint about garbage service

    Simpsonville officials on Wednesday disputed a claim that a senior resident of the city had been ignored when complaining about problems with the city’s curbside garbage pickup.

    The issue arose last week when a Shelby County resident, Karen Waller of the Majestic Oaks development just outside Simpsonville, told members of the Shelby County Fiscal Court Legislative Committee that her father, Ben McAdams, had significant problems with garbage pickup and received no response from the city of Simpsonville or the city’s garbage contractor.

  • EARLIER: Shelbyville will continue with curbside pickup plan

    The once solid solid-waste and recycling plan being developed by officials from Shelbyville and Shelby County again will be a fragmented effort among three government bodies.

    Members of the Shelby County Fiscal Court’s Legislative Committee made it official Thursday, saying that it was not moving forward with a curbside plan and leaving the city of Shelbyville and the 109 Solid Waste Board to fend for their own plans.

  • EARLIER: Next step for garbage is to build the new facility

    Now that mandatory curbside pickup for county residents is no longer being considered, plans for a new solid-waste facility will move ahead without further delay, officials say.

    The county’s 109 Board, the entity in charge of solid waste in the county, met Wednesday to iron out details for a facility that would replace the Convenience Center in Waddy and the Recycling Center on 7th Street, to serve as a combined service.

  • EARLIER: Shelby County officials decide against mandatory trash pickup

    Shelby County officials, under fire from three residents at a meeting Wednesday night, appear to have softened their position on whether to implement mandatory curbside garbage/recycling pickup for county residents.

    Members of the Shelby County Fiscal Court’s Legislative Committee, who have been spearheading aggressive plans for such a system, said after the gathering at Stratton Center that they have dropped the idea of a mandatory service, citing concerns with billing issues and a burden on senior citizens.

  • EARLIER: Garbage talks advance to rates, billing

    As soon as a joint meeting between Shelbyville and Shelby County officials convened Wednesday night to discuss potential curbside trash collection for residents, Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty got right to the point.

    "We want curbside pickup, and we feel like a single system for the city and the county in a two-tiered system would be the best approach," Hardesty said.

  • EARLIER: City, county forming garbage committees

    City and county officials are in the process of putting together committees to explore what actions to take – and how they might work together – concerning solid waste in Shelby County.

    Magistrate Hubie Pollett, who is one of four magistrates that comprise the Shelby County Fiscal Court’s Legislative Committee, said committee members should be in place by next week.