Today's News

  • Paving project completed

    Simpsonville's project to pave every road within the city limits is now complete, and Thursday night, the Simpsonville City Commission wrapped things up officially by making the final payment to the contractor.

    "We've got a couple of change orders and some payment documents that I need authorization on tonight," said Simpsonville City Administrator David Eaton.

  • Several stop to help at fatal crash

    A horrific car crash Friday that left a woman and her 19-month old son dead, also showed that humanity has not yet perished.

    Amidst the piercing screams and twisted metal were several Good Samaritans and family members working to help save those involved in the two-car incident at the intersection of Old Brunerstown Road and KY 55.

    Billie Aldridge of Nelson County, was planning to stop at McDonald’s to get something to drink, but once she saw the crash she didn’t hesitate.

  • WHAT WE THINK: For holiday cheer, try just being polite

    Over the last several decades Black Friday has been known to bring out the worst in people.

    We’ve all seen it – shoppers trampled, pushed, shoved, cursed at and fighting over a cheap TV or the must-have holiday toy of the season.

    It’s the saddest display of what a consumer driven society can do to people.

    And while shoppers can be difficult to deal with throughout the holiday season, one troubling trend we’ve seen across the commonwealth, and even nationwide, is the rudeness going both ways.

  • A big, heavy, start to the holidays

    Saturday was a big day – and not just because of the instant classic that the universities of Kentucky and Louisville turned in on the football field – it was the day the Martin clan decided to go out and get the season’s Christmas tree.

    I love Christmas – the tree, decorating, the lights, everything and especially with young children.

  • WHAT WE THINK: Sunday sales needed to help serve distilleries

    If the Shelbyville City Council has the opportunity to help a local business succeed and no other businesses or individuals would be harmed or displaced because of it, should it not take that option?

    That obvious answer to that question is yes, especially when they annexed and helped put laws in place for that business so it could get started.

    But the council seems to have mixed feelings on helping Jeptha Creed Distillery be able to reach its full potential.

  • Remembering the meaning in Christmas

     I find myself in a bit of Christmas quandary this week.

    See, the plan in our house this year was to try to instill the Christmas spirit in our 7-year-old son.

    And I don’t mean a big tree – we’ve covered that – more lights and few extra trips to see Santa.

    No, we have that part covered.

    Our kids love Christmas, and they could not be more excited for it to get here. If I’ve heard “I wish today was Christmas morning!” once, I’ve heard it 50 times.

  • Shelby girls earn 2nd win of season

    Led by Zephy Gray, Asia Hardy, and Zoey Holland, the Shelby County girls’ basketball team earned its second win of the season in a 59-50 victory over Williamstown (1-2) on Saturday.

    Adjustments out of the half paved the way for the Rockets, according to head coach Jason Holland.

    “We really played well in the third quarter,” the coach said. “We got what we wanted on offense, and executed well on defense.”

  • Titans drop a pair of games over weekend

    The Collins High School girls’ basketball team dropped two games on as many nights over the weekend, bringing the Titans record to 0-3 early in the season.

    “Saturday was a quick turnaround against another very good team,” Titans coach Sean Pigman said. “We were competitive, but kind of ran out of gas. We didn’t shoot the ball well, but our kids have never quit and understand these tough games and schedule will pay off if they keep working.”

  • Titans split back-to back over weekend

    The Collins High School boys’ basketball team split a pair of games over the weekend, to open the season 1-1.

    The Titans win came on the road at Gallatin County on Saturday, as Collins defeated the Wildcats (2-1) by a score of 55-51.

  • Rockets still searching for 1st win

    The Shelby County boys’ basketball team dropped its third consecutive game in the 60-58 loss to Clay County at home Saturday.

    SCHS coach Ken Cates says that while the team has gotten off to a slow start, his players knew the beginning of the season would be tough.