Today's News

  • Collins girls clobber Shelby

    Collins High School girls’ basketball coach Phillip Conder’s goal for Friday night’s season-opener against Shelby County was to limit the Rockets to single-digit scoring for all four quarters.

    Mission accomplished.

  • Shelbyville moves ahead in study of pipeline

    The proposed water pipeline project that will connect Shelby County and Frankfort to the Louisville Water Company isn’t dried up yet.

    Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer Manager Tom Doyle Thursday told the Shelbyville City Council that a new grant will help lead the water company in the right direction for the future.

  • We congratulate: New owners of bowling alley

    We were glad to see that real estate professionals Larry Rogers and Donald Hamilton have stepped forward to purchase at foreclosure the former Bluegrass Bowling Center.

    We’re pleased that this valuable piece of property is in the hands of men who have been dedicated to the development of Shelby County.

    But they – and all of us – need your help.

  • It’s official: JHS buys Diagnostic Imaging

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  • Titans top North Oldham 47-39

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  • SOUDER: Is that what the Sheriff said?

    One of my favorite movies is the 1969 Western comedy, Support Your Local Sheriff, starring James Garner (as a wise-cracking, quick-drawing sheriff), Harry Morgan, Walter Brennan and Jack Elam (in a show-stealing role as a stable-hand turned deputy).

  • Karas named top runner in AA; SCHS's Webb named all-state

    Collins High School junior Caterina Karas has been named the Runner of the Year in Class AA by the Kentucky Track and Cross Country Coaches Association.

  • Triple S clears new cell phone towers

    The Triple S Planning Commission Tuesday cleared the way for two new cell phone towers in Shelby County, but not before the public had its say during the meeting.

    The Southville tower, to be built at 6596 Mt. Eden Road, caused the most intrigue from the community, but not much of a protest.

    New Cingular Wireless, the company building the towers, had asked for a 30-foot waiver on the setback from the neighboring property line, building the tower 170 feet from the adjoining property.

    The commission denied the request, saying it wasn't necessary.

  • SOUDER: Thanksgiving (to God), by George

    Asked to write a composition entitled, "What I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving," 7-year-old Timmy wrote, "I’m thankful that I’m not a turkey!"

    Maybe this Thanksgiving you feel like that little boy – that the only thing you can think of for which to be thankful is that you’re not a turkey. Perhaps your life isn’t going like you had hoped it would.

  • News Briefs: Dec. 3, 2010

     Woman from Shelby runs

    for lieutenant governor

    A woman who says she was raised in Shelby County is part of an independent campaign for governor in 2011.