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  • Triple S approves Cropper telecom tower

    Cellular service may soon be improving in Cropper.

    At its Aug. 19 meeting, The Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission approved an application from Powertel/Memphis, Inc. d/b/a T-Mobile USA, Inc. for a 300-foot self-support telecommunication tower on Robert and Judy Allen's farm at 6582 Cropper Rd.

    The tower's purpose is to transport data from Louisville to Eastern Kentucky. It will be capable of holding four cellular carriers, with T-Mobile being one of them, to provide better cellular service in the Cropper area.

  • Looking on from the back: Shuck leads Rockets, anchors defense

    With a new coach comes questions, but SCHS boys' soccer team's defense was never in doubt.

    "Bradley is just an awesome player," first year head coach B.J. Andriot said. "He has tremendous skill, and he's a leader on the field."

    Shuck anchors the Rockets' defense, using his long frame to clear balls in the air, and his speed to run down players that slip through the middle or on the wings.

  • Drugs, money seized in bust

    When deputies pulled over a car for running a stop sign on Woodfield Circle last Friday, they had no idea the traffic stop would lead to a drug bust.

    Shelby County Sheriff's Detective Jason Rice said the incident began routinely enough, but that he and sheriff's deputy Eric Hettinger got suspicious when the passenger got out of the car and started walking away.

    "We called to him to come back and he did, and he was acting really nervous," Rice said. "That's when we started to suspect we had something more than just somebody running a stop sign."

  • Library dedication: Hudson Room opens

    Close to 70 people came to the dedication of the new addition to the Shelby County Public Library on Aug. 16.

    Most of the addition, which has added 5,500 additional square feet to the library space, was opened to the public in late June.

    But the library's new program room, the Hudson room, was not opened to the public until the dedication.

    The room, which named after the current president of the library's board, Kenneth Hudson, is capable of seating up to 200 people. It will be used for public functions and group meetings.

  • 1983: Waddy 4-Her wins big-profit thrille at state fair

    If anyone has an old photo that they would like to run with this column bring it and the information into The Sentinel-News office or e-mail it to the writer at sharonw@sentinelnews.com. We are also looking for mystery photos. If you have a picture you can't identify, send it in and we'll ask our readers for help.

    10 years ago, 1998

  • BBB Torch Award Nominations

    The BBB's 2008 Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics are unde rway...and we need your help to nominate worthy businesses for this esteemed award!

    Think of companies that you know and do business with, or the one that you work for, that has made a commitment to and exemplifies ethics and integrity in the marketplace. Consumers can also nominate non-profit organizations!

    The deadline for nominations is August 29, 2008! Submit your entry today! You can find a nomination form on the BBB website at www.louisville.bbb.org or call 502-588-0043.

  • Scooter sales zoom

    High gas prices and environmental concerns are helping scooter sales soar in Shelby County. And with fuel prices unlikely to decrease in the near future, local vendors are expecting these two-wheeled petrol sippers to become increasingly common on local roadways.

    Steve Stuver, general manager of Auto Pointe of Shelbyville, said in the six weeks their dealership has been selling scooters, they have had a hard time keeping models in stock.

    "Almost as soon as we get them assembled, we sell them," he said.

  • Leading by example: Sanders quietly helps Lady Rockets reach potential

    Olivia Sanders knows talent. She knows that the Lady Rockets have plenty of it this year.

    What she doesn't know is when it's all going to fit together.

    "We have so much youthful talent, but we just haven't harnessed it yet," she said. "But once we all get on the same page, I think we can beat most of the teams in the state."

    That's where Sanders comes in.

    Head coach Joe Turner said Sanders and fellow senior captain Anna Whitlow have taken the leadership role and run with it.

  • Golden Alert issued for Ethington

    A local woman missing for almost three months is the focus of a new alert just passed into law.

    A "Golden Alert" was issued Tuesday for Maxine Ethington, missing since May from her Shelbyville home.

    The alert legislation was enacted by the General Assembly last spring and very recently became law.

  • Put a rattlesnake in your garden

    Interested in growing a piece of history? Read on.

    Just after the Civil War, farmers and gardeners in Georgia developed a big, striped watermelon they called rattlesnake. They called it rattlesnake because the dark green stripes on the lighter green background looked like the markings on a rattlesnake. The watermelon later came to be called Georgia Rattlesnake.