Today's News

  • Election nearing: Both parties like their candidates

    With just 32 days left until Election Day, the political machine in Shelby County is starting to rev up.

    Signs are going up. More hands are being shaken. Candidates are showing up everywhere. And issues and arguments are being refined.

    And though candidates and their parties may not see eye-to-eye on many of those issues, they do agree on one thing: The economy and its future is key.

  • Police raid 'marijuana factory'

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  • Stowaway's expansion falls within new building guidelines.

    It appeared Stowaway, Inc., storage facility would be the first to test the new zoning overlay district on Mount Eden Road, but the facility won't need any fancier buildings.

    Stowaway, located on 7 Mile Pike and Mount Eden Road, does fall within in the overlay district that runs from U.S. 60 out Mount Eden Road to just south of the I-64 interchange, but the addition isn't large enough to require improvement.

  • EARLIER: Collins 34, Fern Creek 14

    Fern Creek came into Friday night’s high school football game at Collins with a talented trio of seniors who are headed to the University of Louisville next year.

    However it was the Titans’ senior threesome of Brendan Cresap, Tavis Elzy and Ben Axline who stole the show in Collins’ 34-14 victory over the Tigers at Titans Stadium.

  • Circuit Court Clerk: Miller appointed, to run

     Shelby County has a new circuit clerk who will serve at least until the General Election on Nov. 2.

  • Men's homeless shelter moves to new location

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  • Eaton Corp. levels the playing field in Simpsonville

    They’re trying to level the playing field in Simpsonville.

    With the help of the Eaton Corp., the athletic fields at the Simpsonville Community Center now are more level and, thus, more flexible.

  • EARLIER: Riled up on Rolling Ridge

    Angela Shinabery and some of her neighbors of the Rolling Ridge development in Simpsonville are looking for an answer to one basic question from their homeowners association: What happens with the dues we are required to pay each year?

  • Gains from Games mixed in Shelby

    They came, but did they stay and play?

    Significant numbers of visitors to the recent Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games found their way to Shelby County, although their impact to the economy wasn’t universally felt, local officials and merchants say.

  • New business: Barbara-Jay Nail & Skin Care Salon


    Address: 101 Buck Creek Road, Simpsonville


    Who we are: After 22 years in the beauty business, Barbie Newton is taking her knowledge and experience to a new facility that will offer the best service possible. She has opened Barbara-Jay Nail & Skin Care Salon that she has designed into what she believes to be the ideal space for customers.


    What we do: The salon offers a full array of services including: manicures, pedicures, full body waxing, facials and specialty facials. And Alicia Yost offers hair dressing.