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  • Shelbyville Police Reports: March 31, 2010



    Ashton Burns, 20, of 125 Baker Drive, apt. 125, in Shelbyville was arrested March 25 at that address and charged with fourth-degree domestic assault.

    Keith O. Marshall, 28, of 65 Juniper Drive in Shelbyville was arrested March 24 at that address and charged with fourth-degree domestic assault with minor injury.

  • We congratulate: The nanny who saved the boy

    You have read and probably even seen so much about Alyson Myatt, the young woman who saved the little boy from the fire last week.

    She rushed through the flames barefoot in one of those rare acts of heroism that all of us wonder if we have within us.

    The world is filled with unsung heroes – you probably know many of them – but there are few whose deeds are so bold, so brave and so remarkably pure of heart.

  • First Person: Sydney Mason, a tumbling sensation


    Sydney Mason is a freshman at Shelby County High School, and the daughter of Kathy and Steve Mason. She’s been taking gymnastics since age 2. Mason currently trains at Champion Gymnastics in Louisville under coaches Tiffany Orem and Scott Austin.

    She’s a Level 9, and would like to go to continue gymnastics in college.

  • Looking Back: March 26, 2010


    Information was gathered from previous years of The Shelby Sentinel, The Shelby News and The Sentinel-News. You can reach the writer at sharonw@sentinelnews.com.

  • Is new law healthy?

    President Obama signed into law Tuesday an historic new law that dramatically alters America's health care system.

    Almost every American will be affected by the various aspects of the plan that will unfold during the next decade.

  • Downtown cleanup back in full swing

    "I just don't understand why people would throw all this trash down in their own neighborhood," said Chasity Flores, glancing down the railroad tracks at litter as far as the eye can see.

    All this week Flores and seven others from the Shelby County Drug Court program have been participating in the state's 12th annual Commonwealth Cleanup Week.

  • Rockets baseball: Depth is there, pitchers are developing

  • Cynthiana: Shelby's hot new band

    The raw, powerful sound of Southern Rock pounds out from the metal barn about a half a mile off Eminence Pike.

    The music rips through the cold barn behind kerosene heaters that slowly warm the space that the band Cynthiana shares with several cars and trucks, an airplane and the rest of the junk that fills garages across America.

    In just a few months, the music has transformed the garage into a makeshift rehearsal place.

  • WICHE: Spring weed control starts now

    My friend Dee Dee keeps asking me about the best way to eradicate the creeping Charlie that has invaded her back yard. She is reluctant to use synthetic herbicides, or “poisons” as she puts. I can relate because I feel the same way.

    However, controlling certain weeds otherwise takes some serious planning and commitment during the entire season.

  • News Briefs: March 24, 2010

    Shelby schools place in cup competition