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  • Simpsonville looks to clear streets before snow


  • Foreclosures in Shelby are continuing to rise

    Home foreclosures in Shelby County continue to rise and by the end of 2010 could show another marked year-over-year increase.

  • EARLIER: Casey’s family excited about gym dedication

    It only has taken 44 years, but on Tuesday Shelby County finally will honor one of its favorite sons.


    The same building in which Mike Casey made his name known around the county and where his funeral was staged in April 2009 will bear his name when Shelby County High School officially dedicates its gymnasium and its basketball court with his signature.


  • EARLIER: Shelby Energy customers: We aren’t getting answers


    Shelby Energy Cooperative continues to draw the ire of several long-time customers who primarily are concerned with the company’s board of directors and how it functions.

    Shelby County residents Albert Moffett and Dr. Carlen Pippin have become the unofficial spokesmen for a group of customers that want to see more transparency from the board, including published agendas and minutes from the board’s meetings.

  • Three men and a clubhouse

    Fun, food and family – those are key concepts for the new management of the clubhouse at the Shelbyville Country Club.

    Formerly open only to members of the club, the facility now has opened its doors to the public as well.

    SCC board member Allen Early said that decision, which was made in May, is in response to the downturn in the economy.

  • State home-buying plan operating in shadows

    If you didn't get that new home under contract before the federal tax credit for home buyers ended, you might still be eligible for a break of up to $5,000 come next April.


    A little known Kentucky tax credit still exists, but it comes with a lot of restrictions, such as:


    •    If the buyer qualifies for the federal homebuyers tax cut, he or she cannot apply for the state credit.


    •    The tax credit application must be faxed within seven days of the purchase.


  • Finchville man dies when car strikes truck

    A Finchville man was killed Monday morning when the car he was driving smashed into a concrete truck on Mount Washington Road in Spencer County.

    Samuel C. Wantye, 21, was pronounced dead at the scene as the result of injuries sustained in the accident, which occurred shortly before 11 a.m. at the intersection of Mount Washington and KY 1633.

  • New weather station placed in Shelby

    If you want to know immediate details about the weather conditions in Shelby County, you’re about to have a new way of finding out.

    The Kentucky Mesonet, which gathers weather data from a network of monitoring stations around the state, is installing a new station in Shelby County, on the Tucker Farm on Clark Station Road near Finchville.

  • New police program rolls out in Shelby

    First there was eCommerce and then you could eFile your taxes, now Shelby County's law enforcement community is cashing in on the ease of it all.

    The Kentucky Attorney General's office completed its installation of the eWarrant system in the 53rd District - which includes Shelby, Anderson and Spencer counties - Thursday, joining seven other counties currently using that software.

  • Brothers run car through fence trying to elude police

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