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  • City opens new fire station

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  • Vandals kill $20,000 in tobacco plants

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  • News Briefs: Nov. 10, 2010

     Van Stockum to debut

  • EARLIER: Suspect sought in Shelby man's death

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  • Schools' grades improve overall

    Shelby County Public Schools got good news and bad with the round of state and national test results released Thursday.


    Led by another stellar performance by Painted Stone Elementary and incredible growth at Southside and Wright elementaries, the district showed overall positive gains in the Kentucky Core Content Test and national No Child Left Behind.


    No Child Left Behind scores are based off of the math and reading scores from the KCCT tests, and throughout the district, SCPS saw improvement in almost every area.


  • School board reviews plans, takes no action

    The Shelby County Board of Education heard discussion Thursday night concerning enrollment projections and how they relate to the District Facility Plan but ultimately took no action. At its meeting on Aug.

  • EARLIER: Shelby County High School has big changes, too

    Though Collins High School's construction has been getting the majority of the attention, Shelby County High School has undergone a renovation of its own this summer.

    The school has been spruced up out front, with a fresh look for the main entrance area, and the upstairs has been set up for the new center for what is called the 8-9 Center.

    Associate Principal Tracye Nalley will be in charge of the new-look second floor, which will house the eighth- and ninth-grade students for the majority of the day.

  • EARLIER: Collins welcomes students to new school

    Students started filling into Collins High School this week for their first official visits,

    The school began orientations, kicking off with the eighth-graders on Monday and seniors on Wednesday.

    The two landmark classes were greeted by former Gov. Martha Layne Collins herself.

    The eighth-grade class will be the first full 5-year class at Collins, and this year's seniors will be the first graduating class.

  • Shelby man dies in motorcycle crash

    A motorcyclist is dead following a crash on U.S. 60 east of Shelbyville on Friday afternoon.

    The cyclist, James M, Serochi, 56, of Shelbyville,  was knocked from his motorcycle in the accident and into the oncoming lane near Jefferson Community & Technical College Shelby Campus. He was then was hit by another vehicle.

    Serochi  was wearing a helmet, police said.

  • EARLIER: Time to open for Collins and everyone

    As former Gov. Martha Layne Collins slowly made her way down the hallway on Sunday, words such as beautiful, amazing, state-of-the-art, gorgeous and just wow bounced around.

    Nearly everyone that stopped Collins, a native of Bagdad, raved about the new school that carries her name. And Collins herself was just as impressed with the new facilities.