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  • We congratulate: Collins' Karas for her state title

    There are so many firsts these days for Collins High School that perhaps we need to develop a time capsule and put inside it a long list to record them all.

    We make this suggestion in the wake of the historic – by several definitions – performance of cross-country runner Caterina Karas.

    She became the first state champion for the Titans, overpowering all competitors to win the Class AA championship in Lexington.

  • Shelby student starts blog for charities

    Joseph Martin, a junior at Shelby County High School, came up with the idea of doing a blog for local charities as a leadership project for a Governor’s Scholars program.

    “It will be a comprehensive blog where charities can list what their needs are and their mission statements,” said Starla Martin, Joseph’s mother.

    Martin said the idea came from a mission trip to Hazard he had made several years ago, and now he has launched aid4shelby.blogspot.com.

  • Shelby student starts blog for charities

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  • The gifts of Christmas past came in our simpler process

    The little girl regarded the question from the corpulent man in a bright red suit. Her dark, almond eyes were caught somewhere between enamor and fear but dead-on serious. There was no smile, but no tears, either.

  • News Briefs: Dec. 12 2010

    There will be school

    now on March 2

  • Sports Digest: Dec. 8, 2010

    Collins High School junior Caterina Karas won the 2010 AAU Cross Country National Championship in the 15-16-year-old age group Saturday in Orlando, Fla.

    Karas covered the 5,000-meter course at the Walt Disney World Resort ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in 18 minutes, 24.24 seconds. Cassidy Hale, a sophomore at DuPont Manual in Louisville, was second in 19:05.66, and her twin sister, Kristen, was third in 19:23.07.

  • Man's standoff with police ends in peaceful surrender

    A quiet neighborhood just east of Shelbyville was shut down by a swarm of police officers Thursday, when a man barricaded himself in his house and threatened to do harm to police and himself.

    William Cain, 56, surrendered peacefully to Kentucky State Police shortly before 2 p.m. some five hours after his wife had called 911, summoning police to their home on Frankfort Road, near Shelby County High School.

    Police declined to name the suspect, because he was taken into custody for evaluation of mental issues, but neighbors confirmed he was Cain.

  • What we think: It's time for action on these issues

    We understand that during election season issues that have no immediacy will be placed on back burners by legislative bodies, allowing them to remain just warm enough to be alive but not gurgling and bubbling loud enough necessarily to be noticed.

    Members of those bodies campaigning for re-election are sensitive to decisions that may attract controversy, and they don’t want to see these campaigns waylaid by a vote on an item that just as easily could be done in December as August.

  • We congratulate: Those who finally opened the bypass

    We must in the sense of fairness today congratulate those who did the work, made the decision and, ultimately, took down the final barriers to open the Shelbyville Bypass.

    We have catcalled, cajoled and even cried a bit these past few years as the bypass construction moved a long at a pace that was both insensitive to local residents and insulting to taxpayers in general,

    But now the road is open, and all is right in the world.

  • EARLIER: Atmos: No reason for loss of pressure

    Atmos Energy officials haven’t yet been able to explain exactly why 750 customers north of Shelbyville lost service on Monday night, leaving hundreds to fight 15-degree temperatures without heat in their homes.

    About 80 of those customers remained without gas service Tuesday afternoon, though each affected home had been contacted and was awaiting a resident to be home for reconnection, a company official said.