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  • Monsters spill their guts

    Everything is dark – you can’t see a thing. Then you feel spider webs brushing against your face, and you hear a door creak open on rusty hinges.

    You know something is going to jump out of the dark at you, but what? A werewolf, a huge spider dripping venom or maybe an 8-foot-tall Lurch look-alike with a bloody chainsaw?

  • Fugitive arrested in shooting of Shelby man

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  • Business Briefcase Oct. 29, 2010

     Goodwin named to state

    Chamber’s board of directors

    Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Shelley Goodwin has been elected an at-large member of the board of directors of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

  • EARLIER: Collins 49, Madison Central 21: Cresap's passes power victory

    The Collins High School football team closed out its regular season in impressive fashion Friday night.

    Senior quarterback Branden Cresap threw six touchdown passes in the first three quarters to lead the Titans to their seventh consecutive victory,  49-21, over Madison Central in Richmond.

  • COOK: SCHS-Collins players still team up

    Years from now, when the Collins-Shelby County football rivalry gets heated – and it will – let us look back on members of this year’s teams and the way they’ve conducted themselves.

    In particular let us remember how some of them spent their Friday mornings as an example of that.

  • Shelbyville gets grant to test porous concrete

    If you pass through Shelbyville during a rainstorm sometime soon and think you see water running through concrete, you might be right.

    City Engineer and Public Works Director Jennifer Herrell told the city council Thursday night that she had been successful in landing three grants from the state for $24,000 to develop new methods for handling storm-water runoff.

  • Two alarm fire destroys house in Simpsonville, damages two others

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  • Extreme contributors from Shelby County

    If you’ve watched and read about ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition doing its thing in Fairdale, if you’ve seen that house and maybe understood the process, what you have watched is in a very large way businesses in Shelby County coming together to help a family.

  • News Briefs: Nov. 3, 2010

     Special school board

    meeting to be Thursday

    The Shelby County School Board will have a special called meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday for a working session to hear reports from Shelby County High School, Collins High School and The Education Center @ Cropper.

    The session is the third of three to hear reports and improvement plans and goals from each school in the district.

  • Robert Matthews: 1923-2010: 'A good person; a well-respected citizen'

    Those who knew Robert Matthews Jr. best say he always embraced the winds of change with grace and dignity, particularly when the longtime Shelby County attorney and former public servant returned to civilian life after World War II.

    Matthews, whose career included a stint as Kentucky Attorney General and a just-missed attempt at lieutenant governor, died Saturday at Crestview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. He was 87.