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  • Price goes down for new sewers on Ardmore Lane

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  • Tech center gets college coach

    The Shelby County Area Technology Center soon will start helping students with much more than technical skills.

    Area Supervisor Mary Stratton applied for and received a grant f that will put a College Coach in the school by the start of November. The coach will help students from the ATC, SCHS and Collins.

  • Shelby company lays some green on the Games

     Workers are scrambling to ready the Kentucky Horse Park for Saturday’s opening ceremonies of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, and a Shelby County company answered the call for some last-minute emergency sprucing.

  • Boys soccer: SCHS wins first game

    The Shelby County boys soccer team picked up its first win of the season Tuesday at the Rockets’ athletic complex, shutting out Spencer County, 3-0. The Rockets have been chasing that first victory since they opened their season on Aug.

  • Wainscott named city's top employee

    Working on some of this and some of that and helping all over the office will get you plenty of recognition.

    And it just might get you the Shelbyville City Employee of the Year.

    Carla Wainscott, who has seen her duties change several times over the years, earned the award last Thursday at the city's annual Employee Appreciation Banquet.

    "I was surprised, shocked really," she said when she heard the news. "I didn't know what to think."

  • SCHS may play in 5A next season

    That new football district that includes Shelby County and Collins high schools may not last very long.

  • Looking Back: Oct. 1, 2010

    Information was gathered from previous years of The Shelby Sentinel, The Shelby News and The Sentinel-News. You can reach the writer at sharonw@sentinelnews.com.

  • What we think: In election process, listen to yourself

    There remains a little less than a month until Election Day, and it can’t arrive too soon for us.

    We realize candidates have messages to spread and that voters have decisions to make.

    But, frankly, we think both those processes are being lost in the bombardment of mud that smacks firmly against the sides of our heads nearly every day.

  • Sports Digest: Sept. 29, 2010


  • We congratulate: Those keen on going green

    You may have read in recent weeks about the number of industries in Shelby County that are trying to become increasingly green.

    We know that the report in last week’s Sentinel-News was only a sampling of what is going on in our manufacturing areas, but we were heartened to see so much anecdotal evidence that our industries want to help the environment.