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  • WINTER 2014: Flu season peaking in Kentucky

    The flu season is in full swing, and public health officials say that this year the numbers of flu cases are running similar to last year’s.

    “We’re reporting wide-spread activity throughout the state, so I would assume that Shelby is no different,” said Dr. Craig Hunbaugh, senior deputy commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

    Hunbaugh said that situation is not unusual because January and February are peak months for flu in Kentucky.

  • WINTER 2014: ‘It’s going to get bad again’

    Roads conditions improved slowly over the course of the day Tuesday, from chaotic in the early morning hours – with even tow trucks getting stuck on icy roads – to a more passable state by evening – but not passable enough to send children to school in the morning.

    The winter storm that dumped from two to four inches of snow on Shelby County during a 12-hour period from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. caused travel problems for many motorists, causing one road to shut down temporarily and another to be backed up, police say.

  • Dangerous merge lane finally closed

    That deadly short merge and acceleration ramp onto eastbound Interstate 64 at KY 55 is now much safer.

    The new ramp, replacing a 1960s construction that left the merge area precipitously short and narrow, opened on Nov. 20, coinciding with the reopening of the eastbound lanes through the construction zone after the lanes were adjusted to continue construction.

    “When we shutdown the eastbound lanes [Nov. 19 overnight to Nov. 20], we opened that onramp when we reopened the lanes,” said Andrea Clifford, spokesperson for the Transportation Cabinet.

  • Dead teen’s family pursuing transcripts

    On the day that family and friends commemorated the second anniversary of when Trey Williams was shot to death in a confrontation with Shelbyville Police, his parents continue to fight in court for access to the records a Shelby County Grand Jury’s reviewed to  exonerate the police officer who fired the fatal shot.

    Clifton Court in Shelbyville, the site of the tragedy on Nov. 19, 2011, was awash in a sea of flickering candles Tuesday night, as about 100 people gathered for a vigil for Williams, who was 18 when he died.

  • Cabinet fined for ‘mockery’ of records

    The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, currently pursuing a lawsuit in Shelby County Circuit Court to block the release of records related to the death of teenager Jackleen Lane, was hit Monday with a major fine for blocking similar records.

    Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd fined the Cabinet $756,000 fine for making "a mockery" of the state's Open Records Act and repeatedly withholding information in its files about abused and neglected children.

  • EARLIER: Newspaper answers Cabinet’s appeal in records case

    The Sentinel-News filed this week an answer to a complaint and appeal filed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services in October to avoid having to release records relative to dead teenager Jackleen Lane.

  • EARLIER: Cabinet for Health and Family Services appeals release of records on dead teen

    The Cabinet for Health and Family Services has appealed a ruling by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office to release records to The Sentinel-News relating to Shelby County teenager Jackleen Lane, who drowned in June.

    The Cabinet filed the appeal last week in Shelby Circuit Court, a month after the Attorney General ruled it had violated the state’s Open Records Act in denying the release of its records concerning Lane, who was found dead June 17 in Clear Creek.

  • EARLIER: Attorney General rules Cabinet must provide records on dead teenager

    The Attorney General’s office ruled the Cabinet for Health and Family Services was in violation of state open records statutes when it denied a request by The Sentinel-News to release records pertaining to teenager Jackleen Lane, who drowned in June.

    A letter from the Attorney General’s Office dated Wednesday ordered the Cabinet to release those records and the findings of an investigation it had begun after receiving the request by the newspaper.

  • EARLIER: The Search for Jackleen Lane: 3 months after teen is found dead, many questions remain

    On a warm Monday morning three months ago, a body of a young girl was spotted by a railroad employee, wedged near a dam in a dark corner where Clear Creek bends around downtown Shelbyville.

    Jackleen Lane, 15, had been floating there for several days, apparently unseen and not missed since she walked away from the Shelby County Fair and found her way into the cool water about two miles away. Her body showed no signs of foul play, and an autopsy would determine there were no drugs in her system. Her death was ruled accidental drowning.

  • EARLIER: No drugs found in drowned girl’s system

    The mystery of how Jackleen Lane came to be lying drowned in Clear Creek for three days became more curious Monday, when a coroner’s toxicological report revealed no drugs in her system.

    Shelby County Deputy Coroner Jeff Ivers said that tests determined that Lane, 15, who was spotted by a railroad employee June 17 near 1st and Goodman streets in Shelbyville, had not ingested drugs before her death. Tests for alcohol were inconclusive because her body was in the water for approximately three days before she was found.