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  • Community rallies to hold on to treasured resident

    Luke Morris has blessed Shelby County with his presence for some time, but residents fear their friend with constant smile may soon fade from the community.

    “We all love him and can’t imagine him not being around,” said John Shannon, Morris’ Sunday school teacher of about 25 years at First Baptist Church.

    Shannon explained that Morris is in a state guardianship program and due to some qualification issues, he may soon be moved into another program.

  • TRIPLE S PLANNING COMMISSION - Hotel in the works for Simpsonville

    A hotel in Simpsonville that has been on the radar for several years now appears to have plans and is gaining steam.

    During its June meeting, the Triple S Planning Commission approved a request to divide a tract of land off Aristocrat Court behind the Pilot Station near Interstate 64 for the purpose of building a hotel.

    Developers are wasting no time with those plans as Tuesday’s Triple S agenda includes a development plan for Hampton Inn on the property.

  • The Lifeguard life

    Abby Siever has been a part of the aquatic’s program at the Clear Creek Park since 2011 and says she couldn’t imagine a more fitting job.

    “I wanted a job where I could dress casual everyday,” she said.  “It’s a very laid back job, but it’s kind of cool because you can be an average everyday superhero.”

    Siever began her role at the pool six years ago and recently took over as the lifeguard aquatics director.

  • FCCLA dominates at nationals

    Nashville didn’t know what hit it last week as three Collins High School teams brought home medals from the FCCLA National Leadership Conference.

    Collins Family, Career and Community Leaders of America head advisor Leslie Hulsey took two teams and Erica Roberts led the culinary team.

    All three teams ended the five-day conference on a positive note, with the two FCCLA teams earning gold medals and the culinary team silver.

    Hulsey said she couldn’t be more proud of her teams.

  • HRC continues fairness discussion

    The Shelby County Human Rights Commission picked up right where it left off from last month’s meeting, continuing the discussion on a proposed Fairness Ordinance.

    Last month, commissioner Ronald Ford went over some of the high points of proposed changes, which would amend and expand the previous discrimination ordinance to provide protection based on sexual orientation or gender identity, covering the LGBTQ community.

  • SHELBY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION - Board to hear transportation report

    When the Shelby County Board of Education convenes for its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday the board will hear a transportation information report from Mike Clark, the district’s director of student services. 

    SCPS Public Relations Coordinator Ryan Allan said the report will provide a breakdown of the number of drivers the district has and their training, as well as their safety record.  The report will also provide details regarding the number of routes, shuttles and busses for each school, the bus fleet, fuel usage and mileage.

  • VAN STOCKUM: 30 Years in the Marines: The Rest of the Story (1942-1967), Part 6: The Battle for Guam (1944), continued


    Author’s Note: In 2007, when I wrote my first column for The Shelbyville, Kentucky Sentinel-News, I thought I would run out of years before I ran out of columns. However, after passing Milestone 101 last week, I don’t seem to be running out of either, for this is my 209th column.

    Combat loaded aboard a Naval transport

  • Paul talks healthcare reform

    The hot button topic for the roundtable with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul: Healthcare.

    Around 30 people turned out for Monday’s discussion at Shelby County Farm Bureau.

    After short opening remarks, Paul let attendees introduce themselves and discuss their experience with health insurance.

    One of the discussants said their family pays $40,000-50,000 per year for health insurance.

    “That’s crazy,” Paul replied.

  • Stingrays take SFL swimming title

    The Shelbyville Stingrays have proven to be the top unit in the Summer Fun League on Saturday, earning its third consecutive league title over the weekend.

    The final, held at the University of Louisville’s facilities, saw the team from Shelby edge out its rival, the Hillcrest Hurricanes, by a 192-point margin.

  • Shelby falls in state Little League final

    The Shelby County Little League All-Stars had a rough go of it over the weekend, falling in a pair of games to West Lexington in the state final held at Cardinal Run Park.

    While Shelby put up a valiant effort in the two games against the team from Lexington, it was the host team’s depth that ended up making the major difference.