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  • My Marine Corps Journal 1937-42, Part 9: Farewell to the “Big Apple,” and to ginger ale

    April 14, 1938

    Those of us who are going to the West coast received the best break of our school year when Col. Jackson said today that we will get overland transportation at 8 cents a mile. The transport San Miquel is loaded with Army men I imagine. That extra $170 will come in mighty handy.

    April 16, 1938

    Boston: Pel Withers and I left Phila [Philadelphia] 4 p.m., arrived Boston 1:30 a.m.

  • Touring through Shelby County

    Not interested in hitting the road for the summer? Budget too tight for a week at the beach? Or are you maybe just looking for some quiet downtime at home?

    If so, you are in luck.

    Shelby County is full of fun, historic, educational and even some delicious stops. So why not treat you and your family to a classic staycation.

    Stay at home and act like a tourist in your hometown.

    Grab the Hawaiian shirt, the sandals, with socks of course, the big sun hat and slather on the sunscreen for a wild trip all within a few miles of your front door.

  • Putnam gets trial date

    Terry Putnam, the Simpsonville Police officer arrested Jan. 7 in connection with the November robbery of the police department, has been scheduled for a jury trial.

    Putnam’s trial is set for next year – Jan. 17-19, with a final pretrial on Dec. 19, 2016.

    He received the date at his disposition hearing in Shelby Circuit Court Monday.

  • Murder trial date is set for Monday

    Miroslav Kuzmanovic, who was indicted in July 2015 for murder and other charges in connection with a fatal accident on I-64, is scheduled for a jury trial Monday.

    At Kuzmanovic’s pretrial hearing Monday, prosecutors asked Shelby Circuit Judge Charles Hickman if the trial could be rescheduled because two key witnesses in the case would not be available during that time frame.

  • Embezzlement case gets new court date

    Theresa M. Augustine, a former assistant administrator and firefighter who was indicted in February on theft-related charges, received a new court date of July 8 when she appeared for a disposition hearings in Shelby Circuit Court Monday.

    The new date will be for a disposition also.

  • Downsizing for life

    Randall Stivers took a long drink of his Powerade Zero while pondering the question just put to him – How did he maintain the willpower to loss a third of his body weight in less than a year? 

    “Life,” he said simply, his eyes – usually full of laughter – candid and somber.  “I wanted to live. I wanted to be there for my kids. I don’t want to go back there – I don’t want to go down that path again.” 

  • Recalling D-Day on the 72th anniversary

    “The ships were so thick, you could hardly see the water – overhead, the planes, you could hardly see the sky for them. I had turned twenty-two right before that, and when I looked at that beach, where I was in that water, it went through my mind, ‘I'll never see my twenty-third birthday.’”

    World War II veteran John W. Miles paused in his recollection of his involvement in D-Day, the memory of that day clearly playing before his mind’s eye as he sat in his recliner at his assisted living apartment at Crescent Place in Shelbyville.

  • Shelby teacher selected to Education Professional Standards Board

    Shelby County High School Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science teacher Ashley Fishback has been selected to join six new appointees on the Education Professional Standards Board.

    Last week, Gov. Matt Bevin announced seven new members to the 17-person board that consists of fourteen gubernatorial appointees and Fishback said she was grateful to be included.

    “I am very honored to have been chosen for the position, and I look forward to serving the Commonwealth in this capacity,” she said.

  • Fair to offer a full motorsports schedule

    The Shelby County Fair is more than funnel cakes and carnival rides.  For many, it’s an opportunity to experience the sound of roaring engines, the sight of flying mud and the smell of exhaust fumes and all the thrills that come with American motorsports.

    So to kick up the excitement on the track, organizer Jimmy Hance said they wanted to offer an event every night of the fair this year.

  • New water tower taking shape

    Those driving in downtown Shelbyville near Prospect Street might see a new structure peeking out over the tree line. 

    “[It] should all be complete by about December,” said Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer Manager Tom Doyleof the developing water tower that is to replace the infrastructure on 5th Street.  “So far they have about one-hundred-and-twenty feet of the concrete structure built.”