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  • Official: JHS is not closing

    Jewish Hospital Shelbyville will not be closing, CEO Michael Collins said in a written statement late Thursday afternoon.

    KentuckyOne is mired in system-wide cost-cutting measures that have resulted in layoffs across its 30 institutions, but Collins ended any speculation that those cuts would include closing its facility in Shelbyville.

  • KentuckyOne layoffs hit JHS

    Jewish Hospital Shelbyville went through a round of layoffs on Monday, sources familiar with the hospital told The Sentinel-News, but company officials declined to specify the impact parent company KentuckyOne Health’s systemwide staff reductions would have on its campus here.

    Sources were able to confirm that several different departments were affected by the layoffs, but exact numbers and positions were unspecified.

  • Standoff ends in Shelby man’s death

    In the cold, dark pre-dawn hours Wednesday in a south Shelbyville neighborhood, the sound of gunshots split the night when a man barricaded in his home for hours finally opened fire at police.

    Del Aukerman was killed after the 7-hour standoff with police at his home at 139 Gray Hill Court that began when officers tried to serve him with a warrant on misdemeanor charges.

    When police approached the house to gain entrance shortly before 2 a.m., Aukerman opened fire, and police fired back, killing Aukerman in his home.

  • Aukerman: ‘A good guy’ but ‘kinda quirky’

    As police surrounded his house Tuesday evening, Del Aukerman turned to social media to talk to his friends.

    “I saw that he put on Facebook that his house was surrounded, and we talked [online through Facebook] until about eleven [o’clock],” Lee Miller said. “He seemed fine – calm and cool. He said he wasn’t going to fire unless the police tried to do something to him.”

    But well after Miller logged off, Aukerman did begin shooting.

  • Shelby man again ordered for competency hearing

    LA GRANGE – A Shelbyville man charged with engaging in organized crime with seven others in Oldham County continues to await a competency hearing before his case can move forward.

    La Grange Police originally arrested Casey Endicott, 18, in October on gang and drug charges, including conspiracy to commit murder.

    In December, seven other individuals, including Endicott’s brother and Shelbyville native Thomas Wenz, were indicted on several charges, although the most serious ones were dropped.

  • City garbage discussion shows recycling to be extra charge

    The Shelbyville City Council Thursday clarified another piece of its proposed curbside garbage and recycling ordinance during a discussion at its regular meeting.

    Residents will have to pay an extra fee for recycling.

    Council member Mike Zoeller brought up the question, regarding how the ordinance states that recycling would be offered but at an additional cost to the customer, much like house or backdoor service.

  • EARLIER: City’s trash plan won’t be mandatory

    A very small crowd turned out Thursday to talk to the Shelbyville City Council about a proposed ordinance for franchised trash and recycling pick-up in the city, but those in attendance heard one big change.

    The six residents, joined by three representatives from trash companies, heard officially for the first time that the new ordinance would not stipulate mandatory garbage pickup and recycling but would create a franchise service for the city.

  • Shelby woman's mission is to save cats

    After dark, when most of us have had our dinner and settled down for a cozy evening in, Sandy Hill and friends are out feeding and checking on the welfare of colonies of feral cats throughout our county…just because as far as they’re concerned, it’s the right thing to do.

    These people are volunteers, and most of them have full-time jobs and families. But somehow, they manage to squeeze in time for this something they believe in – and not only is their time donated, but so is the food they offer to the cats.

  • Peggy Tschauner: Aug. 14, 1959 – Feb. 25, 2014

    Peggy Tschauner was more than just the co-chair for Shelby County Relay for Life – she was an inspiration to the community and especially to her family and friends.

    “She fought the hard fight; there are a lot of tears being shed right now,” said Sonia Roach, a close friend of Tschauner’s as well as her co-chair with Relay.

    Tschauner, 54, passed away Tuesday morning from ovarian cancer.

    She had been diagnosed with the disease in February 2010, but that didn’t let that get her down, said her husband, Scott.

  • Bullitt police say Pleasureville man threatened schools

    SHEPHERDSVILLE – A domestic dispute has led to the arrest of a Pleasureville man.

    Randall Eugene Carman, 43, was taken into custody on Wednesday without incident by the Kentucky State Police and the Christian County Sheriff's Department.

    The arrest came after Carman had allegedly made threats directed at the staff of the Bullitt Alternative Center, located behind Bullitt Central High School.